Origami Crane

It doesn't matter if you are 8 or 80. There is something absolutely magical about origami. It amazes me that you can take a flat piece of paper, fold it a couple times and a three-dimensional object appears. I'm not an origami master, but I can make a couple of things, and I'm pretty good at following origami instructions.

My new favorite creation is the crane. I think I was inspired to try the crane when I found the treasury of miniatures that I posted for Fun Find Friday in late December. Not only do cranes look cool, legend has it that a person who makes 1000 cranes will have their wish granted.


  • 1 piece of square origami paper


Before you begin, I would just like to note that paper tamale wrappers also work pretty well for origami although you may have to trim them to make a perfect square. They are 9 inches square instead of just 6 inches square like regular origami paper. Check out my Facebook page for a picture of a tamale wrapper crane.

The real trick with origami is to make sure that all your folds are really creased well each step of the way.

Set your paper on the table.

Fold it in half, diagonally.

Open it up again.

Fold in half diagonally the other direction.

Open it up again.

Turn the paper over.

Fold it in half.

Open it up again.

Fold it in half the other direction.

Open it up again.



Turn the paper over.

Pinch along each end of the vertical fold and gently push the paper towards the center.

Sorry I can only show one hand at a time while I am taking the picture :(

The paper should fold up like this. Collapse it into a square.

Lay the square on the table with the open corner facing you. In origami terms, you just made a "Square Base."

Fold the edges of the top square towards the center.

Fold the triangle flap down.

Open the triangle flap.

Open the two side folds.

Gently lift up the very top square.

Open it all the way up.

 Now press the side flaps down like the picture.

Turn it over and do the same thing on this side.

Fold in the side flaps.

Fold down the small triangle flap.

Open up the triangle flap and the sides.

Place your fingers under the top square.

Gently open it all the way.

Press the side flaps down. This is called a "Bird Base."

Fold in the side flaps like the picture.

Turn the paper over.

Again, fold in the side flaps.

Now well make the tail and the head of the crane.

Fold up one of the skinny triangles as shown. This will be the tail.

Finally, the trickiest part. Don't worry. You'll be fine.

Unfold the tail and turn it inside out. The colored side of the paper will be on the inside and it will be white on the outside.

Fold the other skinny triangles up as shown. This one will be the neck and head.

Unfold the neck and turn it inside out like before.

Pinch the neck where the crane's head will begin.

Turn the head  inside out, similar to what you did with the tail and neck. This time the colored part of the paper will be on the outside.

Fold one wing down.

Turn the crane over and fold the other wing down.

One down, 999 to go.

May all your wishes come true!

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