Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Fairy Village

Welcome to my fairy village on the first day of autumn!

There are five houses in the village along with tiny cement stepping stones, a wooden stairway up one of the steep slopes, a reflecting pool, glowing flowers and even solar path lighting.

I can see the village through the sliding glass doors in our living room. As crazy as it sounds, I pause briefly whenever I pass them to see if there's any activity in the village. So far all I have seen are some lizards that like to visit the village during the day.

Join me for a 3 minute video tour of the village:

Or take the walking tour:

The lower village is home to the glass houses as well as the solar light charging station. Growing in the lower village, a Rudolph Euphorbia, Royal Pinwheel and some Silver Mist Helichrysum.

If you feel adventurous, climb the green stairway to the upper levels of the village.

The paint can luminaria house is centrally located and has a Breathless Blush Euphorbia in the back yard as well as a Dragon's Blood Sedum in the front.

A short trip through a narrow crevice leads to the next house.

The log house is nestled behind the Angel Hair Artemisia just past the Zebra Plant in the mini desert.

Be careful as you travel to the next house. It lies just beyond the main village's lighting system.

The shell cottage is located in the upper level of the village overlooking a deep blue reflecting pool.

 Whenever you need a little magical adventure, stop by for a visit and see if you can spot the fairies.

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