Thinking Outside of the Box

I've been blogging and selling on Etsy for almost two years now. Making things and writing about them is the easy part for me. Taking quality photos is still a bit of a struggle.

Earlier this year, I made my own light box to improve my product photos. It was amazing how such an easy thing could make my photos look so much nicer. However, it's kind of impractical to use the light box when I am photographing the steps for a tutorial. There's just not enough room to craft inside the box and sometimes crafting is messy and I didn't want to damage my nice clean background.

So, I came up with a way to create a simple, modified light box to use for taking tutorial photos.


  • 2 - 24 inch long pieces of 1/2" PVC
  • 4- 18 inch long pieces of 1/2 "PVC
  • 4 - 1/2" PVC side outlet elbows
  • 24 inch wide roll of white paper


This is my happy place where I create most of my crafting tutorials.

Hopefully with my simple new backdrop I'll be able to share some nicer pictures.

I used some of the same parts for my modified light box that I already use for my regular light box.

I simply made two "L" shapes with the 18 inch PVC then connected them with the two 24 inch pieces of PVC to make a little stand.

I ran the top connector piece through a roll of white paper.

Then, I pull the paper out as far as I need, clip it to the table so it doesn't move and start crafting.

This setup gives me plenty of elbow room to work on projects. It also provides a nice, neutral background for my pictures. Best of all, if I spill a little paint or glue it's no big deal because I can cut off and recycle the paper.

Let's start crafting!

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