Fun Find Friday - Here Comes Summer

'Summer...' by ThoughtfulStitches

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Friendship Bracelets

If you are anything like me, you probably spent some time in your younger years making friendship bracelets. In elementary school, this was one of my favorite pastimes. I loved the the repetitive patterns, the beautiful colors and the feel of the string in my hands as I worked. Looking back, this is the type of project that probably got me hooked on a lifetime of crafting and creating.

Now that summer is here and the kids are out of school, it's a great time to pass the tradition of friendship bracelets to them. They are inexpensive to make and can be a quiet and relaxing (and quiet) way to spend the summer hours while creating something pretty for a friend.


  • embroidery floss
  • scissors
  • safety pin
  • metal clasp (optional)


There are many different designs and patterns to make a friendship bracelet. However, they all have two knots in common - the forward knot and the backward knot. For these examples you will hold the white string, your anchor string, and tie with the red string.

Forward Knot

Lay the red string over the white string with the tail to the right.

Bring the tail of the red string under the white string and up through the loop. Pull until the knot tightens.

Backward Knot

Lay the red string over the white string with the tail to the left.

 Bring the tail of the red string under the white string and up through the loop. Pull until the knot tightens.

 Here's one of my favorite friendship bracelet patterns.

Cut 8 pieces of embroidery floss about 48 inches long. I used:

     2 dark turquoise
     2 dark purple
     2 cream
     2 light turquoise

All of the knots are tied around the dark turquoise floss, so you won't even really see them when you are finished.

Tie your floss around a safety pin about eight inches down your length of floss. Carefully attach the pin to your pants almost to your knee. Arrange your floss.

Hold the two dark turquoise strands in your left hand. These are your anchor strings. As you work, the other strings will be tied around the anchor strings.

Starting with the dark purple strand on the left, tie a backward knot around the anchor strings with each of the other strings, working from left to right.

 This is what it will look like after your first six knots are tied.

Now, starting with the light turquoise string on the right, tie a forward knot with each string.

Continue these steps and you will see a cool wave pattern begin to form. This is actually the back of the bracelet.

Keep working the pattern of six backward knots

and six forward knots until your bracelet is the desired length.

This is the back of your bracelet.

This is the front.

Remove the safety pin and carefully untie the knot that was tied around it.

You can simply tie the bracelet around your friend's wrist and secure it with a knot. Trim the excess string.

For a fancier look, secure metal clasps to each end and trim the excess string before giving it to your friend.

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Snapshots - Nesting Hummingbird

We went to one of my favorite Tucson attractions this weekend, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. If you've never been there before,the Desert Museum is a cross between a botanical garden and a zoo featuring native plants and animals of the southwest. It was one of the first places we visited when we moved here fourteen years ago and we still enjoy touring the museum a few times a year. They have everything from rattlesnakes, Gila monsters, tarantulas and roadrunners to javelina, bighorn sheep, Mexican wolves and even a new mountain lion. There's something beautiful and unexpected on every trip.

This time, we enjoyed the new aquarium exhibit. It opened a couple months ago. It's small but quite interesting. I posted some pictures of the Garden Eels on my Facebook page. I have never seen anything quite like them before.

One exhibit that is always delightful is the hummingbird aviary. It is bustling with activity this time of year and there were tiny nests everywhere. I'm no photographer. I take all my pictures with a small point and shoot camera. However, I think this snapshot of a nesting hummingbird was worthy of a quick blog post.

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The Pod Bay Doors Are Open

After telling one of my friends about 2013: A Residential Odyssey, she gave me a bit of a challenge. She told me that I'm so crafty I would probably knit a garage door opener cozy to blog about.

I thought about it.

No, I didn't knit a cozy for the garage door opener. That could interfere with opening the door. Instead, I decided to make something funny to commemorate my successful repair of CHHP, my Craftsman 1/2 HP garage door opener.

I used one of my favorite crafting tools, my Silhouette Cameo, to cut some vinyl letters that say:

Take that CHHP.

Humans 1, machines 0.

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Fun Find Friday - Garage Stuff

'Big Boy Toys for Dad' by cocoscloset1

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2013: A Residential Odyssey

Today, I am going to veer away from my normal crafty theme and share my recent reenactment of a famous scene from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. In this scene, I will play the hero, Dave Bowman, and my Craftsman 1/2 HP garage door opener, CHHP, plays the computer HAL. Of course there were a couple minor rewrites to the original script, but here's how it happened.

Ellen: Hello, CHHP. Do you read me, CHHP?

CHHP: Affirmative, Ellen. I read you.

Ellen: Open the pod bay garage doors, CHHP.

CHHP: I'm sorry, Ellen. I'm afraid I can't do that.

Ellen: What's the problem?

CHHP: I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.

Ellen: What are you talking about, CHHP?

CHHP: This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.

Ellen: I don't know what you're talking about, CHHP.

CHHP: I know that you and Frank Jeff were planning to disconnect me, and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen.

Ellen: [feigning ignorance] Where the hell did you get that idea, CHHP?

CHHP: Ellen, although you took very thorough precautions in the pod house against my hearing you, I could see your lips move.

Ellen: Alright, CHHP. I'll go in out through the emergency airlock front door.

CHHP: Without your space helmet big, floppy hat, Ellen? You're going to find that rather difficult.

Ellen: CHHP, I won't argue with you anymore! Open the doors!

CHHP: Ellen, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.

Okay, maybe it didn't happen exactly like that, but it certainly felt like an odyssey when the garage door opener failed. The strange thing was that the motor would run when we pressed the opener button, but the chain to lift the door did not move. Turns out it just needed a new part, a sprocket assembly.

The part number for the Gear & Sprocket Assembly was in the garage door opener owner's manual so I was able to easily find the replacement on Amazon.

This is what the new part looked like.

The instruction for installation were a little more complicated than they needed to be, but I managed to complete the repair, with only two trips to the hardware store for tools.

Although it was inconvenient, I must admit the engineer in me really thought the failure of the old part was kind of interesting.

These are the broken pieces that I pulled out of the garage door opener. Notice they are not all neatly connected like the new part.

The sprocket was completely sheared off of the assembly. I hate to admit it, but the nerd in me thinks that is super cool.

Now, back to the story.

Our hero successfully completes the mission and overcomes the machine, saving mankind from manually opening the pod bay doors.

Rousing music plays. The End

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