Tutorial: Clay Pens

Create colorful, one of a kind pens with Sculpey clay and love.After I made my clay crochet hook handles, I started thinking about all the different things I could make using the same technique. The most exciting idea to me, since I am an obsessive writer and list maker, was pens.

At first, I tried covering some cheap plastic pens. It worked fine, but once you add the clay on the outside, you can no longer cap the pen. Too messy! So I did a little investigation and found some twisty pen inserts online. These are designed for wood workers, but work perfectly for clay projects as well.



When working with clay, remember to protect your work surface. I like to lay down a sheet of parchment paper. Also, take off your jewelry. You don't want to gunk up your pretty rings.

It's perfectly fine to use a single color of clay for this project. However, it's not difficult to create an ombre effect, so let me show you how.

Thinly roll out three small pieces of clay. The thinner the better. I used my clay conditioner, but you could also use a rolling pin.

Use a small circle cutter to make some confetti.
Stack the clay circles, alternating colors, into two rods that are about 1 1/2 - 2 inches long.
You can use either of the two smallest circle discs for extruding.
Press each of the clay rods through the extruder to make two separate strands. I loaded one into the extruder with the blue side first and the other with the yellow side first.
The pen insert set contains a number of pieces. Before assembling the pen, you'll wrap the two gold-colored tubes with the clay strands.
Gently wrap the clay around each tube. You want to make sure that there are no gaps. Also, wrap slightly past the ends of each tube to make sure they are completely covered.
Once the tubes are covered with clay, you can bake them according to the directions on the clay package.
After the tubes are baked and have completely cooled, sand the ends so the clay is even with the ends of the metal tubes.
Once the ends are sanded, brush off any clay dust. If you would like your pen to have a little bit of shine, use a brush to apply 1-2 coats of gloss glaze and let it dry completely.
Finally, assemble the pen. The pens come with assembly instructions, but I'll give you an idea of how they work. Gently tap the pet tip into one of the tubes.

(I used a small hammer, but you are better off using a rubber mallet so you don't damage the pen parts.)
Next, slide the twist mechanism into the other end of the same tube.
Tap the clip and end cap onto the other tube.

Finally, insert the ink, and slide the two tubes together with the decorative band in between.

Create colorful, one of a kind pens with Sculpey clay and love.

Here's a pen I made with light pink clay.

Create colorful, one of a kind pens with Sculpey clay and love.

Once you discover how simple it is to create a clay pen, you'll want one in every color of the rainbow!

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