Simply Organized Craft Supplies

Hi! My name is Ellen and I am a craft-a-holic. Lucky for me, I have an entire room in our house dedicated to my obsession. Even though it doesn't always look like it, I try very hard to keep my tools and supplies organized so they are easy to access when the creative bug bites.

For the most part, I'm able to keep my supplies organized by craft type (i.e. sewing, drawing, beading, etc.). But sometimes it can be hard to contain all of the little bits and pieces I have collected over the years. My secret? I use small lidded organizers to compartmentalize all my notions.

Most beaders are probably already acquainted with using this type of container for storing their supplies. I have three of these Darice organizers for my beads so I can keep all my gems and findings sorted by type.

Quick tips for keeping your beads and findings neatly contained.

I also like to use ArtBin Storage Containers. My small clay cutters and tools fit neatly into a single box instead of rattling around in the bottom of my clay cubbie, just waiting to jump out and slice my finger. My polymer clay is separated by color and brand into multiple boxes. (Oh yeah, there are four more boxes of clay that didn't get invited to the photo shoot!)

Quick tips for keeping your polymer clay and sculpting tools neatly contained.
For sewing, I wrangled all of my snaps, rivets, buckles and clasps into a single bin making it so much easier to see all of my sewing closures in one spot without having to open a bunch of little baggies and packages.

Quick tips for keeping your sewing notions neatly contained.

How do you store and organize your craft supplies?

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