Tutorial: DIY No-Tie Shoelaces

DIY no-tie laces so you never have to stop and tye your shoes again
Our annual Disneyland trip is just around the corner so I recently purchased a new pair of sneakers so I will have plenty of time to break them in before we hit the parks. Comfy shoes are a really high priority for me this year because last year I stupidly fractured my foot on Day 1 of our trip and spent the next two days limping from ride to ride in my favorite Converse and agonizing pain. But I digress.

I bought a pair of Ryka Studio Ds, which I already love, but I am just not a fan of round shoelaces. They always come untied and I don't want to spend my vacation time tying shoes when I could be whizzing around Big Thunder Mountain.

This project is so quick and easy, I am a little disappointed that I didn't think of it when I had a little kid in the house.



I'm a bit of a craft supply pack rat, so I actually had a pair of cord stops from a bag that wore out.
Remove your old laces from the shoe and cut two lengths of cord. The cord can be slightly shorter than your old laces.
Loosely lace up your shoe with the cord.
String the cord ends through the cord stop.
Adjust the cord and cord stop so you can slide your foot in and out of the shoe while the cord stop is set against the top of the shoe.
Tie both cord ends snuggly in an overhand knot so that the knot is very close to the cord stop.
Trim the cord ends. You can add a couple dots of glue to the cord to make sure it doesn't untie, but if you have pulled your knot tightly, this is not required.
To tighten your laces, simply press the cord stop, pull the knotted end and release the cord stop. You can tuck the extra length of cord underneath one of the laced crisscrosses.

DIY no-tie laces so you never have to stop and tye your shoes again

Now I am ready run!

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