Knitting Pattern: Simply Striped Christmas Stockings

Free Easy Knitting Pattern: Striped, felted wool Christmas stockings

Can you believe that Christmas is just five months away? For years I have wanted to make felted knit Christmas stockings for our family, but it's something I have just never got around to until now.

To make an extra sturdy, stuffable stocking, I decided to knit with 100% wool yarn and then felt the stocking in my washer/dryer. The pattern is very similar to a normal knit stocking, but it is made on a much larger scale. It is worked from the top down with a German short row heel. Rounds begin at the back of the leg/bottom of the foot.

Finished Measurements

7 ½ inches wide, 18 ½ inches from the top edge to the bottom of the heel and 14 inches from the back of the heel to the tip of the toe



  • 1 skein of Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted Wool (3.5 oz/100 g, 220 yd/200m) in each of four colors (shown above in Real Red, Azure, Woodsy and Plum Dandy) - It is very important that you DO NOT USE SUPERWASH YARN or the stocking will not felt.
  • US Size 8 (5.0 mm) dpns
  • 7 inches of 3/8 inch wide ribbon
  • needle and thread


CO - cast on 
DS - double stitch - With the working yarn forward, slip one stitch (purlwise) from the left to the right needle, bring the working yarn over the top of the right needle and pull firmly. 
k - knit
kpno - knit one stitch and return it to the left needle, pass the next stitch over it and return the stitch to the right needle
p - purl
RS - right side
skpo - slip one stitch knitwise, knit one, pass slipped stitch over
WS - wrong side


As shown, Color A is Real Red, Color B is Azure, Color C is Woodsy and Color D is Plum Dandy.


With Color A, CO 80 sts evenly around 4 dpns.

Rnd 1-14 (Color A): K all sts.

Rnd 15-28 (Color B): K all sts.

Rnd 28-42 (Color C): K all sts.

Rnd 43-56 (Color D): K all sts.

Repeat Rnd 1-56 once more.

Rnd 57-63 (Color A): K all sts.


The entire heel is worked in Color A across 40 sts.

Row 1 (RS): K20.

Row 2 (WS): DS, p39.

Row 3: DS, k to next DS.

Row 4: DS, p to next DS.

Repeat Rows 3-4 twelve more times.

Row 5 (RS): DS, k6 (at this point there should be 14 Double Stitches on each side of the heel) k6, [k all strands of the next DS tog] twice.

Row 6 (WS): DS, p to next DS, [p all strands of the next DS together] twice.

Row 7: DS, k to next DS, [k all strands of the next DS tog] twice.

Row 8: DS, p to next DS, [p all strands of the next DS together] twice.

Repeat Row 7-8 eleven more times.

Row 9: DS, k19. At this point you should have one remaining double stitch on each side of the heel.


Do not turn your work.

Rnd 1 (Color A): K19, k all strands of DS tog, k40, k all strands of DS together, k19.

Rnd 2-7: K all sts.

Rnd 8-21 (Color B): K all sts.

Rnd 22-35 (Color C): K all sts.

Rnd 36-49 (Color D): K all sts.


The entire toe is worked with Color A. Make sure your sts are divided evenly around 4 dpns.

Rnd 1: K all sts.

Rnd 2: On Needles 1 and 3, k to last 2 sts, skpo; On Needles 2 and 4, kpno, k all sts to the end of the needle.

Repeat Rnd 1-2 until 40 sts remain.

Work only Rnd 2 until 12 sts remain. Knit 3 sts from Needle 1 onto Needle 4. Slip sts from Needle 2 and 3 onto a single dpn.

Break yarn leaving a long tail. With the yarn tail use the Kitchener Stitch to graft the Toe.


Before felting, your stocking will be very large.

To felt your stocking, machine wash and tumble dry (warm water and medium heat) with a medium sized load of similar colored items. Do not over-dry.

Make sure to slightly roll the top edge of the stocking before drying. It may be necessary to wash and dry a second time for the stocking to felt to the desired size.

If needed, lightly spray the stocking with water and block so that the stocking is 7 ½ inches wide, the leg is 18 ½ inches from the top edge to the bottom of the heel and the foot is 14 inches from the back of the heel to the tip of the toe.

After felting and blocking, hand stitch a loop of ribbon onto the stocking so it can be hung.

A printable version of my Simply Striped Christmas Stocking is available in my pattern shop and includes additional information about yarn requirements and felting tips for making a set of four coordinating stockings.

Free Easy Knitting Pattern: Striped, felted wool Christmas stockings

Happy knitting!

How to Make a Niddy Noddy to Skein and Measure Yarn

A pvc niddy noddy costs less than $5 to make and helps you measure yarn as you skein it.

Until I recently started spinning, I never really had the need to skein my own yarn. (Unless, of course, you count that time I had to rewash a cake of indie dyed yarn that was bleeding.)

There is a simple tool called a niddy noddy that can help you quickly wind up a skein of yarn. You may be able to purchase a niddy noddy at your local yarn store, or even online, but making one ridiculously easy and costs less than $5.

I did a little math when I was making my niddy noddy so that I could use it to measure my yarn, as well as skein it.


  • 5 feet of 1/2 inch pvc
  • 2 - 1/2 inch pvc T connectors
  • hacksaw or pipe cutter (optional)
  • ruler (optional) 


If you have a hacksaw or pipe cutter, it's easy to measure and cut your own pvc. If not, your local hardware store can usually cut it for you for a small fee.

Cut four 5-inch lengths of pvc for the ends of the niddy noddy.

The shaft length of the niddy noddy determines how long your skein will be.
  • 7 1/4 inch long shaft = 1 yd skein
  • 13 1/4 inch long shaft = 1 1/2 yd skein
  • 16 1/4 inch long shaft = 2 yd skein

I cut one of each length. If you only want one of the sizes, you'll be able to purchase a shorter length of pvc.

Dimensions to make a niddy noddy to measure and skein yarn in 1, 1.5 and 2 yd lengths

The 5-inch pieces slide into each side of the top of the "T" and the shaft goes in the middle. Then twist the ends so they are perpendicular to each other.

Wind your yarn as close to the center "T" connector as possible remembering not to pull you fiber too tightly. Secure the yarn ends and twist your yarn into a neat hank.

Happy spinning!