How to Make a Niddy Noddy to Skein and Measure Yarn

A pvc niddy noddy costs less than $5 to make and helps you measure yarn as you skein it.

Until I recently started spinning, I never really had the need to skein my own yarn. (Unless, of course, you count that time I had to rewash a cake of indie dyed yarn that was bleeding.)

There is a simple tool called a niddy noddy that can help you quickly wind up a skein of yarn. You may be able to purchase a niddy noddy at your local yarn store, or even online, but making one ridiculously easy and costs less than $5.

I did a little math when I was making my niddy noddy so that I could use it to measure my yarn, as well as skein it.


  • 5 feet of 1/2 inch pvc
  • 2 - 1/2 inch pvc T connectors
  • hacksaw or pipe cutter (optional)
  • ruler (optional) 


If you have a hacksaw or pipe cutter, it's easy to measure and cut your own pvc. If not, your local hardware store can usually cut it for you for a small fee.

Cut four 5-inch lengths of pvc for the ends of the niddy noddy.

The shaft length of the niddy noddy determines how long your skein will be.
  • 7 1/4 inch long shaft = 1 yd skein
  • 13 1/4 inch long shaft = 1 1/2 yd skein
  • 16 1/4 inch long shaft = 2 yd skein

I cut one of each length. If you only want one of the sizes, you'll be able to purchase a shorter length of pvc.

Dimensions to make a niddy noddy to measure and skein yarn in 1, 1.5 and 2 yd lengths

The 5-inch pieces slide into each side of the top of the "T" and the shaft goes in the middle. Then twist the ends so they are perpendicular to each other.

Wind your yarn as close to the center "T" connector as possible remembering not to pull you fiber too tightly. Secure the yarn ends and twist your yarn into a neat hank.

Happy spinning!

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