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Yarn Love Giveaway

Enter to win a Yarn Lover's Gift Set including Indie dyed yarn from Kitty Mine Crafts, stitch markers from Noelle Lewis Art and a pair of hook and needle cases from The Chilly Dog.

You are in for a treat! This month I am teaming up with two talented artists to bring you a prize collection that any fiber enthusiast is sure to appreciate. The set includes:
  • a luxurious, hand dyed, skein of 50/50 merino/silk sock yarn from Kitty Mine Crafts
  • a set of 6 sheepy, hand crafted, polymer clay stitch markers from Noelle Lewis Art
  • a pair of bright roll-up cases for your hooks and needles from The Chilly Dog
This giveaway is open to US residents only and runs from April 24 through May 15, 2017. Good luck!

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April Giveaway

Last week I was busy doing some virtual spring cleaning here on the blog.

Now I am completely in the mood for spring and I'd like to send something bright and cheery to one of my lucky readers, this stripey, lacey, lightweight infinity scarf.

Even if you don't win the actual scarf, you can still get enjoy the free pattern and knit a Chinese Fans Infinity Scarf for yourself.

Good luck and happy knitting!

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Spring Cleaning and Site Maintenance

It's spring cleaning time here at The Chilly Dog and over the next few days I will be performing site maintenance.

I'm updating the blog with fresh colors, fresh graphics, and (hopefully) a more user friendly interface.

If you notice broken links or something that isn't working, please let me know so I can fix it. Send me a quick note explaining the problem, what browser you are using and the type of device you are on so I can untangle the mess.

Thank you for your patience.

Clover Mini Weaving Loom Giveaway

Feeling lucky? Here's your chance to enter a Clover Mini Weaving Loom and Quick Locking Stitch Marker Set.

Weaving has long been on my bucket list of crafts to try, but I've always been a bit intimidated by the row of rigid heddle looms at my local yarn store. Luckily, my friends at Clover USA had a solution for me, their Mini Weaving Loom.

This handy little gadget is perfect for weaving mug rugs, scarves, bags and more!

And what's better than fun craft tools? Winning them of course! Enter now for your chance to win a Mini Weaving Loom and Quick Locking Stitch Marker Set.

This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada and is not affiliated or associated in any way with Facebook or Instagram.

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And just in case you're curious, here's a peek at the bag I made with my loom. I hope you enjoy learning how to weave a mini bag of your own.

Good luck and happy crafting!

Clover Standing Oval Knitting Loom Giveaway

Clover Standing Oval Knitting Loom Giveaway and four projects that will keep you cozy from head to toe.

Happy New Year! Thanks to the folks over at Clover USA, for the last few weeks I have been experimenting with the Clover Standing Oval Knitting Loom. I am excited that I get to start the year by sharing a giveaway and four fun projects that will keep you cozy from head to toe.

First, a peek at the projects. I used my loom to make an ear warmer headband, a cowl, fingerless gloves and a pair of socks. They couldn't be cuter or easier! No knitting experience required. I made the entire collection with the loom and two skeins of yarn. The free patterns will be available here on The Chilly Dog over the next two weeks.

Next, the giveaway. I am collaborating with Clover to offer one lucky person all the materials they will need to complete these four projects - a Standing Oval Knitting Loom and a $10 Jo-Ann gift card to purchase yarn.

This giveaway is open to US residents only and is not affiliated or associated in any way with Facebook or Instagram.

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Good luck, happy crafting and happy 2017!

Happy Holidays

I Love Yarn Day 2016!

I love yarn day 2016!

I Love Yarn Day is fast approaching and if you are a knitter, crocheter, spinner, weaver or general fiber enthusiast, you are going to want to check it out. It's all about sharing your passion for fiber crafts.

The event was created by the fine folks at the Craft Yarn Council. (They are an incredible resource for yarn related guidelines, standards, tips and more!) They have lots of fun ideas for how you can get involved and even a bunch of free patterns on their I Love Yarn Day page.

My favorite activity this year is the I Love Yarn Day Scavenger Hunt. There are 20 great prizes up for grabs for people who correctly complete the scavenger hunt. (I've got my fingers crossed that maybe I'll win one of the yarn prizes because I use a lot of yarn around here!)

I love yarn day sale! #iloveyarnday #stitchitforwardI am personally celebrating I love yarn day all month long in my shops. Use coupon code ilyd16 to get 25% off patterns, knitting needle and crochet hook cases, and hand crafted goodies. Shop now at:

► thechillydog on Etsy
► The Chilly Dog on Ravelry

But before you head off to grab your hooks and needles, print out this free template, write down why you love yarn, take a selfie and post it to your favorite social media with #iloveyarnday and #stitchitforward. Need an example?

I love yarn because knitting is my namaste. It's something I feel a constant need to do. It's very much a part of me and how I express both my creativity and my love.

I love yarn because knitting is my namaste. It's something I feel a constant need to do. It's very much a part of me and how I express both my creativity and my love. #iloveyarnday #stitchitforward

Happy I love yarn day!


October giveaway filled with treats!
This October I am working closely with three other Etsy sellers and to celebrate, we have organized an exciting giveaway filled with a collection of treats for one lucky reader. The prizes:

This giveaway is open to entrants worldwide. Good luck!

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The Chilly Dog's Big Book of Knit Pattern's Giveaway

The Chilly Dog's Big Book of Knit Patterns is available now!

I am so excited to announce that The Chilly Dog's Big Book of Knit Patterns is finally available in my shop! I am releasing it as an ebook in PDF form. The book has my first 30 knit patterns and is 118 pages long. It is filled with scarves, socks, purses, afghans and more.

Now I need a little help spreading the word. Help me share my big news for a chance to win your very own copy!

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Crafter Thoughts: Reflect, Reform, Refresh

If you are a fan of The Chilly Dog, you probably know that I take two breaks from the blog every year, once in the summer and again in the winter. Blogging takes up a lot of my life and sometimes I just need to reflect, reform and refresh to ensure that my blog and business continue to thrive. Does that mean I spend my time off just sitting around catching up on daytime TV? Absolutely not! My July break was packed with work and fun.


When I started my blog and shop in November of 2011, I did it because I am passionate about crafting and all things handmade. Crafting has brought me so much joy over the years. Making something with your own two hands enriches your life and just makes you feel good. I want to share my crafty knowledge so others can experience that joy.

I did not start my business because I was looking for a way to spend more time staring at a screen. Yes, I have to be here to write, but lately I have also spent a ridiculous amount of time promoting my blog and shop on social media with limited results.

The reality is, I could spend my entire day promoting my work on social media and still not reach every potential reader and customer.

If I want to create quality content for my blog and quality patterns and products for my shop I need to spend more time in my studio and less time in front of this darn computer.


Over the last four and a half years I have written and self-published 30 knitting patterns. Some are for sale in my shop and some are free here on the blog. My July blog break gave me the opportunity to reform those patterns into a book. Yeah, I'm writing a book!

Right now it's at 118 pages and my husband and I are in the process of editing. Fingers crossed, The Chilly Dog's Big Book of Knit Patterns will be available on my shop's virtual shelves this fall as an e-book.


All work and no play makes Ellen a dull girl. Luckily, I got to spend over a week traveling through Scandinavia with my favorite person. Hubby and I did a tour of the capitals of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. The weather was fantastic, the food was delicious and the people were friendly.

Of course I brought some knitting with me, but overall it was a nice escape and a relaxing adventure.


Wait. WAIT! There is no "Reboot" in the title of this post.

When I decided that needed to re-balance my routine with less screen time the Tech Gods frowned down on me. One morning in early August, just as I was reaching the final pages of my book, my computer (that is less than three months old) refuse to turn on. No matter how many times I pounded on the power button... the screen... remained... dark.

Luckily, the repair is completely covered by the computer manufacturer's warranty, but (with terror in my heart) I shipped my computer halfway across the country to be fixed. Yes, I have a hard copy of the book, but I had spent hours making edits that I had not yet backed-up.

As I wait for the return of my computer I am in limbo. Blogging is not easy on a borrowed laptop and I don't want to invest time to redo book edits that are hopefully intact when my computer returns. So for now, everything is kind of on hold in my world, but hopefully I'll be up and running at full speed soon.

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement!

August Giveaway

August Giveaway: Get hooked on The Chilly Dog with gripped crochet hooks.

This month I am giving away a set of 8 crochet hooks with handmade polymer clay grips.

If you want to get your hands on these hooks, you'll need to head over to The Chilly Dog on Instagram, look for the givaway post and follow the directions included on the post.

A winner will be chosen and announced on my IG page on Friday, August 19, 2016.

Happy crocheting and good luck!

Sorry I Missed You

In the Meantime...

  • I'll still be posting regularly on Facebook.
  • Follow me on Instagram to see where in the world The Chilly Dog is knitting. (Even if you're not a knitter, you don't want to miss this!)
  • The shop is always open. Find a pattern or handmade gift for yourself or someone you love. Shop now!
  • Browse the blog or enjoy some of my most popular posts:

June Giveaway

You might want to jot this down... Enter The Chilly Dog's June Giveaway to win a handmade daisy pen.

Is there anybody out there that still writes things down by hand? If so, you'll enjoy this month's giveaway. I have a fun twist pen, handmade with polymer clay. It has a floral design and is covered with a clear protective sealer so it should last for years to come.

Good luck!

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May Giveaway

April showers bring May flowers and this month, I have some lovely May flowers for you.

The winner of this month's giveaway will get a my Mesh Summer Hat (here's the pattern, just in case you would prefer to make it yourself) as well as a cute summer tote made with recycled plastic bags. You'll be surprised how sturdy it is!

Thank you for your ongoing support of The Chilly Dog here and on social media and good luck!

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SPSTeam Spring Sale

My friends over at the Strategic Promotion for Success Team on Etsy are having their annual spring sale this week. There are 21 amazing sellers participating in the event (many of whom I have purchased items from in the past and highly recommend).

Each shop is offering different discounts which you can receive by using coupon code SPRING16 at checkout. This sale is a nice way to support small businesses and get some great deals on spring gifts for mother's day, grads and more. Here's a little sample from all of the participating shops.

Happy shopping!

April Giveaway

This month I have a special giveaway that yarn lovers shouldn't miss!

This month's giveaway is a special treat because the winner will get to choose one in-stock item from the "For Your Hooks and Needles" section of my shop. I have lots of crochet hook cases, knitting needle cases and small project bags in a variety of fabrics to choose from.

Happy knitting and crocheting and good luck!

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March Giveaway

I fight crafter's block with art and this month I am giving away one of my original watercolors.

Whenever I am stuck between projects and lack inspiration, I doodle to clear my mind and refresh. These pieces usually get stashed in my studio storage, but this month I'm giving away one of my crafter's block doodles. It's an original 8 x 8 inch unframed watercolor in blue and coral.

Maybe it will bring you a little inspiration as well. Good luck!

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Workshop Update

Private knitting, crochet and sewing lessons in Tucson, Arizona.

I'm taking a little hiatus from teaching my monthly craft workshops, but that doesn't mean I'm not available to give you a little one-on-one crafty inspiration and instruction.

I am currently taking appointments for private lessons in knitting, crocheting and sewing, all levels, beginner to advanced.

For those of you in the Tucson area, I am able to schedule appointments on weekdays, evenings or weekends. My current rate is $25 for a one hour session or $40 for a two hour session.

Send me an e-mail to schedule your appointment.

Happy crafting!

Shop Talk: Handmade Designs & Deals

New craft inspired designs from The Chilly Dog on Zazzle

Between my blog, pattern writing and my online shop, I take hundreds of craft related pictures every month. Usually I am focused on the process used to create a specific item or the finished item itself, but sometimes my photos end up looking a little artsy. I noticed this recently when I took a close-up of a sweater I was knitting. The colors and geometry of the stitch pattern were quite striking

I headed over to Zazzle to design myself a phone case using the sweater picture. (Yes, I am a knitting nerd!) I have used Zazzle in the past to make shirts, mugs and even a cool pair of shoes for my daughter. After designing my case, I began wondering if it might be fun to post my funky new phone case for sale and my new Zazzle shop became a reality.

My goal is to add at least one new craft inspired design a month on cell phone cases, mugs, bags, shirts and more. Hopefully I'll be able to use the proceeds from my sales to offset some of my blog costs. I hope you'll bookmark the shop and visit from time to time to see what's new.

New Patterns Released

This month I also released my latest crochet pattern for a springy, triangle motif vest. The pattern is written for 3 sizes (up to 34 inch bust, 36-40 inch bust, 42-46 inch bust) and is available for purchase and instant download in my shop, on Ravelry and on Craftsy.

I haven't officially listed it in the shop yet, but if you are interested in purchasing the actual sweater shown (it's a small) or custom ordering it in a different color, you can e-mail me directly.

New Items Listed

I am in the process of listing 6 new crochet hook and knitting needle cases. You can find them, and a variety of other patterns in the "For Your Hooks and Needles" section of my shop.

Organize your knitting needles and crochet hook cases in handmade style


Finally, if you are looking for some bargains, for a limited time I am celebrating 2016 with 16% off all items in the "From my Hooks and Needles" section of the shop. The discount is automatic and no coupon code is needed. This sale won't be around long, so don't miss the deals on hand knit and crocheted afghans, scarves, shawls, jewelry, washcloths and more.

Happy shopping!

January Giveaway: Knit Orchid Beanie

It's giveaway time and this month I have a pretty, pink and purple, hand knit beanie to keep you cozy!

It's still pretty chilly in a lot of places, so this month I am giving away a soft and cozy knit beanie. I have to say that besides the pretty color, the tassel topper is my favorite part of this hat.

Good luck and stay warm!

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