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Craft Fail: Button Bowl

Everyone's seen this craft DIY showing how to make a button bowl. But is it really possible?If you're into crafting, I'm sure you've seen this project on Pinterest, "The Button Bowl."

Not to brag, but I consider myself to be an expert crafter, so when I saw this one I was pretty confident that I could pull it off.

And look at that bowl. Not bad, eh?

Well, my friends, let me tell you that even the most experienced crafters have a failed project from time to time. This is mine.

I started my project with high hopes. It actually seemed like it would be pretty easy compared to the shredded paper bowl I made last year.

The process is simple enough.

Blow up a balloon. Cover it with a bit of Mod Podge. Stick on some buttons.
Stick on more buttons. Add more Mod Podge. Let it dry...

Add a few more coats of Mod Podge. Let it dry...
Pop the balloon. Boom!
Just trim off the excess Mod Podge and voila! Looks great.

It was getting late, so I decided I would take pictures of my finished bowl the next day and then I could write up the tutorial.

When I walked into my studio the next morning, my heart sank. Instead of a perfectly formed button bowl, I found a flat clump of buttons on the table. The bowl had collapsed in on itself. I was so disappointed I couldn't even take a picture.

But, I'm not one to give up. Since I couldn't blow up another balloon to the exact same size, I rummaged through the kitchen until I found a similarly sized serving bowl. I turned the bowl upside down, placed a few strips of parchment paper over it and draped my soft, button-y mess over the bowl.

Clearly I had just been a little to excited about removing the button bowl from the balloon. If I let it sit for a few more days, the bowl will surely harden.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months.

After four long months of "drying" I discovered that my bowl was still so soft that it could be folded into a taco
or even rolled into a burrito.
Here's the time-lapse (about a minute) of what happened when I set the bowl down.

I can make a shredded paper bowl, so why not try a button bowl?
Yes, I made a button bowl, sort of, but I am still declaring this a craft fail since my bowl does not stay "bowl shaped" for more than a few seconds.

Everyone's seen this craft DIY showing how to make a button bowl. But is it really possible?

Have you had success making a button bowl? I'd love your advice on this project.

Love it? Share it. Make it.