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Silhouette Cameo: Wedding Wreath Vinyl Art

Free Silhouette Cameo Romantic Christmas Wreath .gsp cut file and vinyl art tutorialWe were so excited to learn that one of our high school friends was getting married. Who doesn't love, love? Of course, we could buy the bride and groom a gift off their registry, but if you've been reading my blog for long, you already know that I prefer to give handmade gifts that are from the heart.

This time I decided to create a personalized piece of art and it started with me pulling out my drawing supplies. After a bit of doodling and measuring, I was able to create a pretty design perfect for my Silhouette Cameo. I wanted a border that would be full of flourishes and something wonderful happened. I realized that my sketch looked a lot like a Christmas wreath, which is perfect because our friend is getting married in December.

I am using this as a wedding gift, but it could just as easily be a personalized piece of holiday art.



We'll start on the computer. Download the wreath cut file and open it in Silhouette Studio. Insert your personalized text in your favorite font.
Before cutting, you need to mirror your text.

Then cut out the wreath and text. I decided to be extra fancy and cut the wreath and the text from different colors of vinyl.

Free Silhouette Cameo Romantic Christmas Wreath .gsp cut file and vinyl art tutorial If you are really experienced with using vinyl, you can actually get two images from one cut. I pulled off the the negative image and placed it onto a piece of parchment paper so you can see.

The negative image is much easier to transfer onto glass because it is a single piece.
Remove the two pieces of glass from the floating frame and clean them.
Position the vinyl, sticky side up on your work surface.

I placed my vinyl piece on a large cutting mat so I could use the grid to help me center the image.
Place one clean glass piece onto the vinyl.
Turn the glass over and carefully press all of the bubbles out of the vinyl. This takes a bit of patience because the design is so delicate.
Use transfer tape to lift the text from the paper backing. I didn't have any brand specific vinyl transfer tape handy, so I just used a couple pieces of painter's tape.
Position the text onto the glass. Carefully remove the transfer tape and remove any bubbles from the text.
Free Silhouette Cameo Romantic Christmas Wreath .gsp cut file and vinyl art tutorial
Finally, reassemble the frame.

Of course this can be hung on the wall and displayed as is, but you can also change the look by inserting a piece of 12 x 12 paper in between the glass pieces. Pretty clever, huh?
I can't wait to give this piece of personalized vinyl art to the happy couple and help them celebrate their special day.

Free Silhouette Cameo Romantic Christmas Wreath .gsp cut file and vinyl art tutorial

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DIY Cork Board Jewelry Organizer

DIY Inspiration: How to make a cork board jewelry organizerMy name is Ellen and I like shiny things. The problem is storing my shiny things. I am not a jewelry box person. I just don't have a lot of space and when it comes to jewelry it's out of sight, out my mind. If I don't see it, I won't wear it. So, I've been struggling with a jewelry organization solution for longer than I care to admit.

I have a bare wall next to my bathroom sink that looked like it could be transformed into a vertical space for storing my jewelry making everything easily accessible as I am getting ready in the morning.

My first thought was to install some sort of  box or medicine cabinet type fixture. However I really wanted something with a simpler, cleaner design. Then, I toyed with the idea of hanging everything on a cork board but I was afraid it would be boring. Luckily I have the perfect tool for personalizing things to make them pretty, my Silhouette Cameo.




I'm not going to give specific measurements for this project because it will all depend how large you want to make your organizer. Instead, I'll just show you my process.

I started by laying out my jewelry to see how it could be arranged and to get an idea of what size cork board I  would need.

I ended up with a fairly large 22 x 35 inch board.
When I was shopping for the perfect cork board, I looked for one with a nice flat, wide frame that I could personalize.

Initially I was going to create my own stencil and paint a border. Eventually, I decided it would be easier to use my Cameo to cut a simple vine design out of vinyl and stick it onto the frame.
Of course I had already purchased a couple sheets of stencil plastic. I still found a purpose for them and used my Cameo again to cut out a set of earring cards to hold my smaller studs.

(I set the cut settings on my Cameo to blade depth 8, speed 1, thickness 33 for cutting the plastic sheets.)
Free Silhouette Studio Cut File: Tags to display 5 pairs of stud earrings I think this is a pretty slick solution for compact storage of my post earrings.

My dangly hook earrings are going to be stored across three wooden dowels, painted black to match the cork board frame.
My biggest dilemma was what I would use to hang my necklaces and bracelets. Plain push pins or thumb tacks just seemed... well, tacky. And then I stumbled across hooked tacks. Why it has taken so long for someone to invent this is beyond me because they are so handy. They come in a bunch of different colors, but I bought the clear ones so they would be less noticeable.

Since I am a "measure twice and cut once" kind of girl, I used painters tape to mark where I would put the hooks and dowels on my corkboard.

I used a ruler and pen to mark the tape before I placed the hooks.
After I was satisfied with the spacing of everything, I stuck in all the pins and removed the tape.

Then it was time to mount the board on the wall.
Finally it was time to organize my bling!

DIY Inspiration: How to make a cork board jewelry organizer

Now my counter tops are free of all the jewelry box clutter and I am ready to accessorize!

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Silhouette Cameo: Free Gift Box Cut File

Free Silhouette Cameo Cut File: Recycle your old cereal and cookie boxes into unique, lidded gift boxesI try to incorporate recycled materials into my crafts whenever I can, so my friends and neighbors are never surprised when I call them up and ask if they have any empty food boxes (or toilet paper tubes, plastic bags, water bottles, etc...) I could use for a project.

I especially enjoy working with cereal boxes because of the awesome graphic design elements in the printing. It kind of brings out the kid in me! So if you're looking for a one of a kind way to package up a special gift, look no farther.

This lidded box is 3 inches square and an inch high and works well for gifting all sorts of small trinkets, jewelry and maybe even gift cards.



Of course, to get started, you'll need some boxes. The only requirement is they need to be at least 6 inches wide. (Darn it, the Panko box ended up being to small.)
Next, download my free simple-recycled-box cut file and open it with Silhouette Studio. It should look something like this.

Free Silhouette Cameo Cut File: Recycle your old cereal and cookie boxes into unique, lidded gift boxes
Before cutting with your Cameo, you'll need to prepare the chipboard pieces. Use a paper trimmer to cut two 6 inch squares.
Position the squares on the left side of the mat. The top square will be the box lid and the bottom square will be the box bottom.

Pro Tip: You need to make sure you are using a new-ish mat that is extra sticky or the chipboard will slip when the cutting begins.
Load the mat into your machine and select your cut settings. Luckily there is an automatic setting for chipboard. I was able to use the presets when I cut the Lipton tea box, but I adjusted the blade depth up to 7 for the cereal and cookie boxes.

How to cut cardboard and chipboard with your Silhouette Cameo

Send to the Silhouette and let it do all the work.

You should get two lovely pieces like this.
Bend the dotted score lines. Apply a little bit of glue to each of the tabs.
Press the glued tabs to the inside of the box sides.

It's not very exciting to wait for the glue to dry, so you can use paperclips to hold your box in place until everything is dry.
Repeat the process for the lid.
For my tea box, I positioned the graphic part of the cardboard on the outside of both the lid and the box, but it can also be fun to put the graphics on the inside for a little surprise or mix it up and put the lid graphics on the outside and box graphics on the inside.

Free Silhouette Cameo Cut File: Recycle your old cereal and cookie boxes into unique, lidded gift boxes

Happy recycling and gift giving!

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Tutorial: Angel Wings Baby Onesie

Free Silhouette Studio Cut File: How to make a pair of sparkly, angel wings onesies with heat transfer materialA few weeks ago I bought a Tulip Fashion Glitter Iron-On Transfer Sheet and used it to make a personalized 18th birthday shirt for my daughter. It was a super easy way to add a little sparkle to my project.

I had a scrap of the glitter sheet left, so I thought it would be fun to cut out a design with my Silhouette Cameo and create a pair of angel wing Onesies for my niece, who's due in a couple months. I wish I could be at the baby shower because I think these will be a popular gift.



I started by drawing out an angel wings design then using the "trace" feature in Silhouette Studio to size and cut my image. You are welcome to download my hand drawn angel wings image or my Silhouette Studio V3 angel wings cut file and use them for your personal (not for sale) projects.

Open the cut file and cut your design. (In the Cut Settings menu I set the Material Type as Heat Transfer Material - flocked. I also changed the blade depth from 3 to 4.)

I was really impressed by how nicely my Silhouette Cameo cut through the glitter sheets!
Position the wings on the back of your Onesies. Place a lightweight press cloth over the wings and iron with high heat and no steam for about 40 seconds or until the design is completely set.
If you want to add a little more bling - of course you do - you can cut the word "ANGEL" for the front of your Onesies.

Simply add text to a blank Silhouette Studio file in your favorite font. (I used AR CENA sized at 125 pt.)

Cut out your text, position in on the front of the Onesie and iron on.

Free Silhouette Studio Cut File: How to make a pair of sparkly, angel wings onesies with heat transfer material

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Silhouette StudioTutorial: Draw, Trace and Cut

Silhouette Studio Tutorial: How to use the trace feature to transform hand drawings into cut filesI love my Silhouette Cameo because it helps me create customized projects and designs. I've had my Cameo for about three years (a birthday gift from me to me) and keep finding new ways to use it.

One of my favorite features is "trace." Let me show you how easy it is to transform a simple drawing into a perfectly cut pattern.


  • paper
  • black Sharpie marker
  • scanner
  • image editing software (optional)
  • Silhouette Studio
  • Silhouette Cameo or Portrait


This project began because I want to make a personalized Onesie for my baby niece with angel wings on the back.

I began by sketching out a design with a Sharpie. (This was my final drawing. At least 10 others ended up in the recycle bin.)
Once you have an image you like, scan it and save it as a .jpg or .gif on your computer. After scanning, I like to crop my image and get rid of all the extra white space by using photo editing software. It makes things a little easier to manage once you get into Silhouette Studio.

Open your image in your favorite photo editing software. I frequently use Photoscape. It's free to download and easy to use.

Crop your image to remove the extra white space and save.

Open up Silouette Studio and open your image file.

Even after cropping, my image was still rather large. If that happens to you, too simply resize your image by clicking and dragging one of the corners.

Once your image is the size you would like to cut, select the "trace" icon in the upper right corner of your screen. It looks like a little blue butterfly.

From the "trace"menu, choose "Select Trace Area."

Click and use your mouse to highlight the area you would like to trace.

If your image still has some black areas showing through, uncheck the "High Pass Filter" box.

I want both the inside and outside edges of my image traced, so I chose my Trace Method as "Trace." If you only want the outer edge of your shape cut, select "trace outer edge."

You'll notice the red cut lines around your image. To see them better, you can drag your original image away from the area to be cut.

You can also delete the original image from your Silhouette Studio file.

Finally, cut your image and use it in your own craft project.

If you'd like to experiment with the trace feature before drawing your own image, There are plenty of simple line drawings available for download on the internet or you can download my angel wings drawing. You are welcome to use it for any non-commercial applications.

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