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Featured Artist - Meirah Brezner

Introducing Meirah Brezner. She is an artist who specializes in glass. She makes everything from jewelry to mosaics and stained glass. The colors and form of her glass work are absolutely amazing!

Don’t miss Meirah's Etsy shop, Home for Glass Lovers. It's filled with some stunning pieces of work.

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Meirah Brezner. I live in Kiriyat Tivon (it’s a small town near Haifa), Israel. I am married and have three children. We live in a house surrounded by a garden. Behind the house there is a steep valley and small hill that’s all covered with lot of trees and bushes. My studio room windows are looking at that view.

Artist Meirah Brezner fuses glass to create colorful, one of a kind jewelry What do you create?

I create in glass. I mostly make jewelry, but also mosaic, stained glass, and home d├ęcor items (plates and wall pieces) which are all made of painted and fused glass.

When did you realize your creative passion?

I always did crafts. I remember me as a child always doing something. I glued colorful threads on bottles, made pictures of seashells and/or trees branches, drew with water colors on paper and so on.

As an adult I studied art, to be an art teacher. I didn’t become an art teacher, however I enjoyed the studies very, very much. During and after the studies what I enjoyed the most was leather work, and needlepoint work. It was free form needlepoint, with no pre-designing, stitching with a flow of threads and stitches to achieve an interesting composition. It was really a very creative work, and held to my opinion the whole philosophy of being creative, finding /searching always for new ways, directions, colors combinations and interesting and unique compositions. It was a wonderful way to show my artistic skills.

Stained glass flower mosaic by artist Meirah Brezner I continued this needlepoint work after finishing my studies, and combined it with beads, drawing and paint. I was invited to make an art exhibition of these art works. After stitching beads, I continued to work with beads, and was beading a lot of jewelry.

Not working as a teacher, I started to work in purchasing, and my first job was in a glass factory in Haifa Bay that produced flat glass and glass bottles. In my free time I of course I continued to make crafts.

Some years ago my eyes fell on a newspaper ad for a three day workshop in glass fusing. I didn’t know what fusing was. I took that workshop, which gave the basics, and just fell in love with the technique, endless possibilities and the glass itself which is different from the clear window glass that everyone knows. It is special glass that can be fused, there are many colors, and some have patterns like waves of colors.

After this workshop, I started making fused glass, I also making glass beads, painting on glass, mosaic and now I am studying stained glass.
Artist Meirah Brezner fuses glass to create colorful, one of a kind jewelry

Artist Meirah Brezner fuses glass to create colorful, one of a kind jewelry What or who inspires you in your crafting and/or your life?

I think I get inspired by nature, trees, flowers and colors that surrounds us.

Why do you create? 

I have to create and cannot live without it. I just love it.

What other interests do you have? 

I love gardening, I like to plant seeds and watch them grow. I also collect seeds from trees, I have some trees which I grew from seeds. I also like walking by the beach, and collecting sea shells. I love sea shells. As a child I had quite a collection. Now I use them as a base or decoration for taking some of my jewelry pics! I love taking walks and seeing the beauty of nature, trees and flowers.
Artist Meirah Brezner fuses glass to create colorful, one of a kind jewelry

What are your favorite materials to work with? 

I love to work with glass of course, with all different techniques, fusing, painting, stained glass, and mosaic. What I like best is to combine techniques together. This way I can achieve real unique items. In jewelry I can combine painting on glass and fusing. On the lampshades I made I combined painting, fusing and stained glass. The finished product is one of a kind, and a unique item.

Is crafting a hobby, business, or something in between? 

I did crafts all my life as a hobby, dreaming that one day it would become a business. Now having a shop on Etsy, perhaps this dream can become real. I hope that the shop succeeds. Then in few years it will become a full time business.
Artist Meirah Brezner fuses glass to create colorful, one of a kind jewelry

What is a typical day for you? 

I wake up around 6 am, and around 7:15 drive to work. I work in an office. I come home around 6 pm, dinner, some arrangements and Etsy time. On Friday and Saturday I take the pics, because during the week it’s dark when I come home. So during the week I list, relist and make treasuries, read the Forum and look at other shops. I also try all the time to improve the shop as much as I can.

What projects are you the most proud of? 

I am especially proud of the stained glass lampshade I made. I painted clear glass and fused it, and then combined it to a lampshade. This is not common, as most people use purchased stained glass for the process, and don’t paint the glass themselves.
Stained glass lampshade by artist Meirah Brezner

Artist Meirah Brezner fuses glass to create colorful, one of a kind jewelry How do you deal with crafting failures? 

This is sad. I have a lot of pendants which did not come ok; pieces that moved not as meant in the kiln, items that came out crooked, combinations of colors which were a failure and so on. I keep all these items. I think I will make something from all of them together. It will be very colorful and interesting. Glass is a material that you don’t throw away. you can always cut it again and fuse it to get a new item. You can really use every piece, even the smallest.

What are your business or artistic goals for 2014? 

I want to make new items. My kiln now is full of new items ready to be fused. More ideas come all the time. Of course I want the shop to succeed, I want to make many sales so I will feel that I am on the right track, and that people like what I make. Beside money it’s a good feeling to know that people all over the world like what you create in your studio. I would also emphasize on promoting my shop and items as much as possible, this is also an important part of the shop.

Where do you do most of your crafting? 

First of all I do it in my head. Then physically I make the pieces in the studio. When the picture/idea in my head is clear, making the item doesn’t take long. However during working I might change, get another idea and make it. Many times one design leads to another. The more you create more and more ideas come.

Stay connected with Meirah:

Home for Glass Lovers on Etsy

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Stained Glass Stepping Stone Workshop

For me, the only thing better than crafting, creating and designing is sharing my passion with others. That's why I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Lynn, Jennifer and Patti and helping them each create a piece of garden art last weekend. (And the conversations were pretty fun, too!)

This was my first time instructing a real craft workshop, so I must admit that I was a little bit nervous. I have attended a few events like this, some good, others, not so much. My goal was to teach my friends something new in a relaxed, nurturing environment, where they could have a good time creating a piece of art they are proud to display.

Everyone started out with the same lizard template, a plastic mold and some green glass pieces that I had pre-cut the day before. Then, each of the ladies added their own personal flare. I was truly impressed by their patience and attention to detail as they carefully selected and placed the stained glass pieces. They even mixed their own cement and poured it into the molds. You go, girls!

After the stepping stones were finished, we had to let the cement dry before they could be removed from the molds. The stepping stones sat undisturbed in my kitchen for a couple of days as they hardened. Once they were ready, everyone stopped by to pick up their final products.

We un-molded the stones and cleaned the cement dust from the glass revealing three lovely lizards. My pictures hardly do them justice because they were still slightly damp from when they were wiped clean. I must say, I am very pleased with the results of our crafty afternoon!

These lizards will be dazzling when they are placed out in the summer sun!

I'm still deciding what we will be making for my July workshop. If you have any ideas, just e-mail me. If you are interested in attending a class or workshop, check out my Classes page to see what I am currently offering.

Enjoy your 4th of July!

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Stepping Stones

I love spending time outside in our yard, even this time of year when it's 100+ degrees outside. Fortunately, the previous owners of this home did a fantastic job landscaping. The Palo Verde tree that was barely taller than me when we moved in fourteen years ago, has grown beautifully and provides shade over most of the yard during the day. We've also added a few touches of our own like the extended patio, firepit, brick plant stands and my wine bottle garden.

One of my smaller personal touches in the yard is a collection of stained glass stepping stones. Of course I made them myself.

This blue and purple geometric stepping stone is by our front door.

There is another geometric stepping stone in the backyard.

Since it's a little too warm and dry to have a koi pond in our Tucson yard, I made a koi stepping stone instead.

But my favorite is this lizard. It was one of my first stepping stone designs. I made this one twelve or thirteen years ago and it's still enjoying a sunny spot in the yard.

I am offering a workshop on Saturday, June 29 at 1 pm where you can make your very own lizard stepping stone like this one. I will provide all the materials and some light refreshments, too. For more information and to register, check out my Classes page or send me an e-mail.

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Fairy House

This month I've shared some stories about magical miniature scenes and fairy gardens. Since the weather is finally warming up, I decided it was time to create my own little landscape. You can purchase fairy houses, miniature furniture and all the accessories you need to make a fairy garden. There are a lot of adorable options out there. Unfortunately, some are quite expensive.

I figured that with a little creativity I could find or craft an inexpensive and inviting fairy home. My first stop was the craft store. Both Michael's and Jo-Ann's had a lot of spring merchandise out and it filled me with ideas. My first thought was to use a miniature birdhouse as the foundation of my little home.

I got a plain wood birdhouse for a dollar. I figured I would paint the house a solid color, glue on some tiny pebbles, add a little grout and voila, rustic fairy house. Great idea, right?

Well, even experienced crafters have some projects that just don't turn out. I'll admit, this was one of my flops.

This is how it looked after I painted it and glued down the pebbles. It's okay so far.

Then I added the grout.  Let's just say it was a mess. I had a hard time grouting around the corners of the house and it was just about impossible to wipe away the excess grout to leave the small stones exposed. It was lass then magical.

I had just about given up on the idea of making my own fairy house when I was at Michael's again getting materials for another project. I walked down a row and stumbled across this tiny ceramic gem. With a little paint, it could be something special.

The one feature that I still liked from the first house was the door. It actually started as a locket. The door really opens.

I used some wire cutters to remove the loop that attaches to a necklace. You may have noticed that I used this door on the condemned little shack. I salvaged it to use on my new cozy cottage.

I gave the cottage a nice white base coat of paint. Then I used some Fimo clay to sculpt an entryway that would connect the door to the cottage. Some decorative paint, a coat of glass sealer and this home is ready for its tiny occupants.

Now that the house is complete, it's time to look for some prime real estate.

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