Quick Projects

2-Ply Plarn

Give old plastic shopping bags a new life in craft projects.

Checkered Washcloth

A simple knit washcloth from a simple stitch chart.

Grammy's Favorite Potholder

An easy to knit kitchen staple.

Harvest Washcloth Pattern

Simple texturing makes this a thoughtful knit gift.

House Scarf

Simply knit illusion, or shadow, colorwork creates a neat magic trick.

Mitered Washcloth

A practical knit project with classic, mitered square shaping.

Sock Yarn Infinity Necklace

It's much narrower and longer than a knit scarf.

Wildflowers Knit Infinity Scarf

An any yarn weight, any gauge project.

Yarn Emergency Shadow Box

Flash your stash or decoratively display your leftover yarn bits.