Knitting Pattern: Unwind Infinity Scarf

Soft and lacy, the Unwind Infinity Scarf is a fun knitting pattern for spring.I was just looking through my posts for the month and January and realized my projects have been kind of knit-centric lately, but I have just one more pattern to share that I think you will really enjoy.

This one is perfect for spring. It's a light weight infinity scarf with an open, lacy stitch pattern. I really want to keep this one for myself, but I am (probably) going to be nice and gift it to my beautiful sister-in-law for her birthday.

This pattern is a little scary at first because you begin by wrapping yarn over your needle in one row and then dropping it off in the next.  Once you get the hang of it, you'll see that the technique is nothing to be afraid of.



21 sts = 4 inches

Finished Measurements

7 1/2 inches wide x 50 inches long


CO 38.
Row 1 (RS): K all sts.
Row 2 (WS): K all sts.
Row 3: K7, [yo, k1, 2 yo, k1, 3 yo, k1, 2 yo, k1, yo, k6] 3 times, k1.
Row 4: K7, [drop yo, k1, drop 2 yo, k1, drop 3 yo, k1, drop 2 yo, k1, drop yo, k6] 3 times, k1.
Row 5-7: K all sts.
Row 8: K2, [yo, k1, 2 yo, k1, 3 yo, k1, 2 yo, k1, yo, k6] 3 times, yo, k1, 2 yo, k1, 3 yo, k1, 2 yo, k1, yo, k2.
Row 9: K2, [drop yo, k1, drop 2 yo, k1, drop 3 yo, k1, drop 2 yo, k1, drop yo, k6] 3 times, drop yo, k1, drop 2 yo, k1, drop 3 yo, k1, drop 2 yo, k1, drop yo, k2.
Row 10: K all sts.

Repeat Rows 1-10 until piece measures 50 inches. Bind off all sts leaving a long tail. Use the tail to join the ends of the scarf.

The scarf can be worn long with a single loop around your neck.

Unwind Infinity Scarf: Loosen up with this free knit pattern for spring

Or wrap it around twice for a loose cowl.

Unwind Infinity Scarf: Loosen up with this free knit pattern for spring

Happy knitting!

Knitting Pattern: Grammy's Favorite Potholders

One skein wonder - Grammy's favorite, easy to knit, potholders.

I have to thank my wonderful mother-in-law for providing the inspiration for this project! She recently sent me one of her favorite, handmade potholders. Hers was crocheted, likely by some lovely friend or family member. The pretty stripes and simple design inspired me to create my own knit version.

Don't blink, because the stitch pattern for this one is an easy linen stitch worked in the round.


It is very important to use 100% cotton yarn for this project. Acrylics could burn and/or melt.


To ensure the fabric is nice and firm, you will need to use needles that are slightly smaller than recommended on the yarn label.

24 sts or 36 rows = 4 inches in linen stitch

Finished Dimensions

approximately 7 inches square


co - cast on
k - knit
yf - yarn to the front
yb - yarn to the back


CO 119 sts leaving a long tail.

Place a stitch marker at the beginning of the round. However, there's no need to count rounds.

*K1, yf, sl 1, yb* repeat until the piece measures 1/4 of the total cast on length ending at the stitch marker. Continue in the stitch pattern for 30 stitches (that's 1/4 of a round in case you are wondering).

My cast on edge was 19 3/4 inches around, so I worked the stitch pattern until my piece was slightly less than 5 inches from the from the cast on edge.

Bind off all stitches leaving a long tail. Notice that the yarn tails are offset.

Fold the cast on edge in half so that the yarn tail is at the beginning of the fold. Like magic, the cast on and bound off edges form perpendicular diagonals on the front and back of the potholder.

Use the first  yarn tail to join the cast on edge. Then use the other yarn tail to join the bound off edge.

Of course, make sure to be careful when you are using potholders and working around hot pans and dishes in the kitchen because you don't want to burn yourself.

One skein wonder - Grammy's favorite, easy to knit, potholders.

Happy knitting!

Shop Talk: Handmade Designs & Deals

New craft inspired designs from The Chilly Dog on Zazzle

Between my blog, pattern writing and my online shop, I take hundreds of craft related pictures every month. Usually I am focused on the process used to create a specific item or the finished item itself, but sometimes my photos end up looking a little artsy. I noticed this recently when I took a close-up of a sweater I was knitting. The colors and geometry of the stitch pattern were quite striking

I headed over to Zazzle to design myself a phone case using the sweater picture. (Yes, I am a knitting nerd!) I have used Zazzle in the past to make shirts, mugs and even a cool pair of shoes for my daughter. After designing my case, I began wondering if it might be fun to post my funky new phone case for sale and my new Zazzle shop became a reality.

My goal is to add at least one new craft inspired design a month on cell phone cases, mugs, bags, shirts and more. Hopefully I'll be able to use the proceeds from my sales to offset some of my blog costs. I hope you'll bookmark the shop and visit from time to time to see what's new.

New Patterns Released

This month I also released my latest crochet pattern for a springy, triangle motif vest. The pattern is written for 3 sizes (up to 34 inch bust, 36-40 inch bust, 42-46 inch bust) and is available for purchase and instant download in my shop, on Ravelry and on Craftsy.

I haven't officially listed it in the shop yet, but if you are interested in purchasing the actual sweater shown (it's a small) or custom ordering it in a different color, you can e-mail me directly.

New Items Listed

I am in the process of listing 6 new crochet hook and knitting needle cases. You can find them, and a variety of other patterns in the "For Your Hooks and Needles" section of my shop.

Organize your knitting needles and crochet hook cases in handmade style


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Happy shopping!

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