October 24, 2014

Crafty Saturday Show and Sell #42

Fall is in the air. The high temperatures here in Tucson have finally dropped below the 100 degree mark. Brisk ;) I'm even starting to think about planting my winter garden.

One thing we miss out on, here in the desert, is the autumn leaves changing colors. A lot of the plants here are prickly and leafless. The trees that do have leaves seem to go from green to brown almost overnight.

So, I was drawn to the beautiful fall colors in two of the items from last week's link-up.

Falling Foliage Painting by annarobertsart
Colorful Flower Journal by CarolaBartz

(If you ever want a sneak peek at my favorites, I usually post them on Wanelo and Twitter on Tuesday and Facebook on Saturday)

Happy Fall!

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October 22, 2014

Tutorial: Solar Printed T-Shirt

Learn how to use Lumi Inkodye, solar activated ink to create a high quality, printed t-shirt design.I was wandering the aisles of Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts a few weeks ago when I discovered a small display of Lumi Inkodye. I have enjoyed a few fabric dyeing projects in my day and have even experimented with screen printing, but I had never seen anything like the Inkodye before.

It's solar activated. So you spread it on your fabric, set it out in the sun, and whatever sections of the ink are exposed to the sun, dye the fabric. The ink that's not exposed washes out.

I simply had to give it a try. I was not disappointed by the result. The crisp lettering looks as if it could have been screen printed. The best part is, it's 1000 times easier than screen printing.



Before you begin, wash and dry your shirt. Skip the fabric softener when you are laundering it.

Next, create a stencil of your design.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the words "Create Happiness" out of Contact paper.
Remove the paper backing and stick the stencil onto your shirt.

Design Tip: When you print a design on a t-shirt, the top edge of the printed area should be at least 2 1/2 inches (about four finger widths) below the neckline of a crew neck shirt or 1 1/4 inches (about two finger widths) below a v-neck.
Slide a piece of cardboard into the shirt so the ink won't bleed through to the back of the shirt.

Secure the shirt in place with a few clothespins so it won't shift as you apply the ink.
You will need to work in a shaded room for the next part. I just closed the curtains in my studio and left the lights off. Also, make sure you work in a well ventilated are because the dye has a pretty strong scent, like hair coloring.

Shake up the Inkodye packet and squirt it onto a disposable plate. Use your foam brush to stir up the dye on the plate.
Use your foam brush to pounce (not brush) the ink onto the shirt.

Make sure that your lettering is completely covered with ink, but don't over do it. The material should be damp, not sopping wet.
Carefully take your shirt outside and place it in the sun so it is completely exposed and there are no odd shadows over it.
Within 3-5 minutes, the ink is already starting to darken.
After 20-25 minutes, it looks perfect. (I don't think you can really overexpose the dye.)
When you are happy with the color, take your shirt back inside to your dark room and carefully peel off your Contact paper or vinyl stencil.

Finally, wash your shirt twice, using the Inkowash. Lumi recommends using a hot wash/cold rinse cycle. (I used a warm wash/cold rinse cycle because I was afraid my shirt might shrink and it turned out just fine.)

After that, your shirt is ready wear and you can show off your one of a kind style!

Learn how to use Lumi Inkodye, solar activated ink to create a high quality, printed t-shirt design.

October 20, 2014

10 Sites for Crafting Ideas and Inspiration

10 sites you should check out for craft projects, patterns, idea and inspiration.My name is Ellen and I am a Pinterest junkie. I could spend hours and hours scouring Pinterest for crafty ideas. The problem is, even if I am specifically searching for a little crafting inspiration, I end up spending way too much time looking at pictures of cute kittens or other cool, but "uncrafty" stuff.

On those days I am trying to avoid pin overload, I like to browse these sites for craft projects, patterns, ideas and most importantly, inspiration!

  1. Craftsy - Online classes, patterns, supplies, and projects. Everything you need to get crafting.
  2. craftgawker - All  crafts, all the time. This site has kids crafts, holiday projects, jewelry making, paper crafts, yarn crafts and so much more.
  3. Craft Gossip - Lots of projects listed by craft type and there's usually some fun giveaways, too.
  4. Fave Crafts and the Fave Crafts Blog - Great ideas on both, but I prefer the blog because there are less pop ups asking for my e-mail
  5. Find and Craft - Search by craft type, skill level, the time it takes to complete a project or be brave and see random projects.
  6. Fun Family Crafts - Lots of projects that can be made for kids or by kids.
  7. Free Needle - Sewing projects only, here, but there's 5000+ clever ones.
  8. All Free Knitting, All Free Crochet, All Free Sewing, All Free Paper Crafts - Each of these sites focuses on a specific craft type and has project ideas as well as free e-books, giveaways, etc.
  9. Totally Tutorials - This site has the best of the best. Only one or two new projects are added each day.
  10. Create Happy Crafts - I'm a little biased about this one because it's my site. I try to feature some of the coolest projects from around the web and only add a few new projects each week.
If your still looking for some crafty fun and ideas, I invite you to join the Create Happy Crafts Community on Google+ where you can interact with other crafters, share your latest projects, shop for handmade creations, watch craft tutorial videos and more!

October 17, 2014

Crafty Saturday Show and Sell #41

Before you add your links this week, make sure to check out my October Giveaway Page. My friend Vanessa, from Blue Copper Jewelry Designs, is offering one of her beautiful gemstone necklaces in the winner's color of choice. You don't want to miss your chance to get this great prize!

Now, onto my favorites from last week's link-up. I must have been in an Asian mood when I was picking items. I absolutely love the clever design of this Sushi Cowl by KnittyKittie. And I couldn't resist the the great colors and thoughtful craftsmanship of these Striped Hanji Paper Earrings by HanjiNaty.

Sushi Cowl by KnittyKittie
Sushi Cowl by KnittyKittie

Hanji Paper Earrings by HanjiNaty

Now, with fall in the air, let's share our nature and plant inspired items with a "Bountiful Botanicals" theme.

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