Nifty and Swifty - Water Bottle Vases

Create some “Wow” right now with a quick and easy project that can be crafted in 20 minutes or less!

Every year people use millions, maybe billions of disposable, plastic water bottles. Chances are you have one in your refrigerator, back pack, purse or gym bag right now. You'll feel a little bit better about using one of these disposable bottles if you recycle it when it's empty. Better yet, give it new life by turning it into a vase.

This project is very similar to my post about wine bottle vases, but easier to make. In fact, even the kids may enjoy this project. It's a simple and fun way to repurpose an empty plastic sports bottle.


  • plastic water bottle with a sports top
  • scissors or small utility knife
  • aquarium gravel
  • soil
  • small house plant or herbs
  • dried moss (optional)


Before you begin, remove the bottle label. If any adhesive remains on the bottle, rub a couple drops of cooking oil on it. Wash the bottle and top with soap and warm water.

Using scissors or a small utility knife, remove the flip top. Replace the rest of the top back on the bottle.

Carefully cut around the one of the grooves in the plastic about halfway down the bottle. Younger kids may need help with this part.

Turn the top of the bottle upside down and place it into the bottom of the bottle.

Fill the neck of the bottle with aquarium gravel.

Add a couple spoonfuls of soil.

Place your plant and finish filling the top with soil. I used a zebra plant, but just about any kind of small houseplant would work. You could also plant small herbs if you like.

I topped my vase with a bit of dried moss to help hold the moisture in the soil and just look pretty.

Add water to the bottom of the bottle and refill as necessary.

Enjoy your tiny, earth friendly garden!

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