Using the Trace Feature on your Silhouette Cameo

I have been using my Silhouette Cameo for almost a year now. When I wrote my review of this product back in April one of the "cons" I listed was that it takes some time to learn all of the features that are included in the Silhouette Studio Software. I am still finding some hidden gems in the software that make me love my Cameo even more.

Recently I discovered the "Trace" feature and have been experimenting with it. The idea is that you can open an image file with the software and trace around it. It didn't impress me much until I tried it out. Ultimately, the trace feature allows you to create a die cut of virtually any image. That's powerful!

Here's how it works.

Open Silhouette Studio on your computer. Then, open an image file. I used my logo. Position your image where you want it.

Select "Object" and then "Trace" from the menu bar at the top. The Trace Window will open on the right side of your screen. From there, click on "Select Trace Area" and pick the region you want to trace.

There are a couple different methods available in the Trace window. First, you could just "Trace Outer Edge." It makes a nice outline of your image.

After I traced the outer edge, I moved my image over to try the plain "Trace" method. To do this I clicked on "Select Trace Area" again, but this time chose "Trace."

It then traces along both sides of the lines.

Once you are done tracing, you can move your image out of the way or delete it.

Then, it's time to cut. I cut my images twice to show both the positives and negatives of the cut design.

Now you may be wondering what kind of projects could you create with this feature.

One idea, stencils. Stencils are always a favorite drawing tool for the kids, especially if it's a stencil of their favorite animal or character. You could use this feature to create stencils of just about anything you have an image of.

Another idea, vinyl decals. I used this process to make a cling vinyl decal for my computer.


Of course, there are many shapes and designs available to purchase at the Silhouette Website. But, if you can't find what you need, or are looking for a customized design, the Trace feature in the Silhouette Studio software gives you the flexibility to create a die cut design of just about any image imaginable.

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