Perler Beads: 3-D Christmas Tree

Kid's Christmas craft tutorial: How to make a 3-D Perler bead Christmas tree | The Chilly DogWhen my daughter was younger, she was very much into Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. So, one Christmas, her grandmother gave her a set of Rudolph figurines. It has all the main characters from the old film including Rudolph and Santa, Yukon Cornelius, Hermey the Elf, Clarice, and my favorite, the Abominable Snowman. There was even a star for Abominable to place on top of the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, there was no tree in the set.

Every December Rudolph and the gang have a special place amid the holiday decorations in our home. And, every year  the Abominable Snowman holds the star high above the crowd, ready to place it on the tree, but sadly, there's no tree in the scene.

This year, I finally decided to make a tree to complete the happy scene by taking the basic concept for my perler bead snowflake ornament to the next level. I stacked layers of Perler beads, adding dimension to create a 3-D Christmas tree. This is a great project to enlist the help of your kids!


  • package of 1000 green Perler beads
  • 16 brown Perler beads (optional)
  • large, hexagon Perler tray
  • iron
  • six inch bamboo skewer (You can find the bamboo skewers in with the kitchen utensils at the grocery store. They are usually used for grilling.)
  • two quarters
  • wire cutters or strong scissors.


If you are new to Perler beads, you can find them in the kid's section at your local craft store. They come in kits or you can purchase different color beads or trays separately. The trays also come with a piece of pressing paper so you can melt the beads together with an iron and not wreck your iron. Make sure to read the directions included with your Perler beads/trays before you begin.

My tree has sixteen layers. I put a brown bead (the tree trunk) at the center of each layer. It helped me easily locate the center of each layer when I inserted the skewer.

As you can see, each layer is slightly bigger than the last.

After you have set-up a layer on the Perler bead tray, use your iron to press it as described in the product directions.

As soon as you have ironed a layer (while it is still warm) slide it onto the skewer. This opens up the hole at the center of the tree. Once the piece is cool, you can remove it from the skewer.
After you have created all sixteen pieces of the tree, you will stack each layer onto the skewer.

Begin by sliding the largest piece all the way down the skewer.

To make sure the tree branches are evenly spaced on the skewer, set two (stacked) quarters onto the bottom layer. Now slide the next set of branches onto the tree.
Move the quarters up to the next later and slide another set of branches onto the tree.

Continue adding branches and make sure they are evenly spaced on the skewer as you go.
After you add the last layer, there should be about an inch of skewer sticking out the top.
Use a wire cutter or scissors to trim off the excess skewer.

Now you're ready to set the holiday scene with your tree.

Kid's Christmas craft tutorial: How to make a 3-D Perler bead Christmas tree | The Chilly Dog

 Kid's Christmas craft tutorial: How to make a 3-D Perler bead Christmas tree | The Chilly Dog

Happy Holidays!

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