Perler Beads: Snowflake Ornament

Easy Kid Craft Tutorial: How to make snowflake Christmas ornaments with Perler beads | The Chilly DogI discovered Perler beads many years ago when my daughter was a pre-schooler. They are a fun crafting material and can really help kids develop their fine motor skills as well as mathematical and artistic skills.

Basically, Perler beads are small plastic beads that come in a wide variety of colors and can be arranged into a design by placing them on a pegboard. Once the design is finished, you iron the piece to fuse the beads together. You can find Perler beads in the kid's section at your local craft store and they are sold in kits as well as individual and multi-color packs.

One of our favorite things to make with Perler beads is Christmas ornaments. I actually found a bunch that my daughter made when she was about 4 when we were putting up our holiday decorations this year and I couldn't help but smile.

Of course, your kids will need assistance with the ironing part of this project, but making snowflake ornaments is a fun way to spend an afternoon together and enjoy the holiday season.


  • Perler beads
  • small hexagon Perler pegboard
  • iron
  • 12-14 inches of ribbon or yarn


I bought a variety pack of beads for this project. You can choose whatever color you like,  but for snowflakes I like a combination of blue and white.
Place lines of blue beads across the hexagon pegboard from corner to corner.
Add blue beads in a star shape, as shown.
Fill in the diamonds with white beads.
Add branches near the tips of the snowflake.
This part is for a grown-up:

Press the Perler beads with an iron on medium heat, as directed. (Make sure to use the pressing paper that's included with the pegboards or your iron will be ruined.)
Run a string through one of the beads for hanging and knot the ends together.

Trim your tree with one snowflake, or fill it with a snow flurry.

Happy Holidays! 

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