Knitting Pattern: Magic Gryffindor Scarf

Free Knit Pattern: It's easy to create a "magic", color changing, Gryffindor Scarf for your little Harry Potter fans. Learn the knitting trick.My daughter grew up with Harry Potter. She read the books, watched the movies and even got me hooked on the franchise. So it was no surprise this year, when she asked me to knit her a Gryffindor scarf for Christmas. (Especially since her new school colors are maroon and gold.)

I don't know why, but I really struggled with the pattern for this one. It took me five tries to create the perfect design because I didn't want to make a plain old scarf. I was looking for a design worthy of my two, 9-inch, bamboo magic wands knitting needles

My friend's, I think I created it. This two-color pattern is very easy to knit, and has a neat little magic trick which I will reveal in a moment.



My finished scarf is approximately 7 inches wide and 63 inches long.

In Burgundy

CO 25

Row 1 (Right Side): P5, k5, p5, k5, p5.
Row 2 (Wrong Side): P25.

In  Mustard

Row 3: K5, p5, k5, p5, k5.
Row 4: P25.

Repeat Rows 1-4, alternating colors every two rows, until piece measure 63 inches or your desired length. Bind off.

Please note that you don't need to cut and reattach your yarns when changing colors. When you switch colors, simply lift the new yarn strand up on the right side of the previous color strand and pull it snugly.

Now, magicians may not reveal their secrets, but knitters do.

When you look down the right side of the scarf, from your needles toward the cast on edge, you will see that the vertical stripes go - maroon, gold, maroon, gold, maroon.

Knitting Pattern: Optical illusion striped scarf

Now, look up the right side of the scarf, from the cast on edge toward the needles... Abracadabra... and the vertical stripes go - gold, maroon, gold, maroon, gold.

Knitting Pattern: Optical illusion striped scarf

With a flourish of your knitting needles, you can create a magical scarf that Professor Dumbledore would be proud of! A printable version of my House Scarf Pattern is available in my pattern shop.

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