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Ask Anything | Why did you start making videos on YouTube?

Ask Anything | Why did you start making videos on YouTube?

I was recently asked two questions that kind of go hand-in-hand.

I keep forgetting things I already know, such as a particular cast on. I continually have to go back to check directions. Is there any way to keep the directions handy? - Cathy Lewis
Why did you start making videos on YouTube? - Deslyn Heckathorne

Well Cathy, I forget knitting things I already know too! Especially the skills and techniques I don't use very often. (Tubular Bind Off in the Round for 1x1 Ribbing, I'm talking about you.)

When I first started blogging on The Chilly Dog in 2011, I was writing about crafting, primarily with photo tutorials about how to make stuff. It seemed logical at the time to also include tutorials for those oft-forgotten knitting skills.

Over time my website evolved and I began focusing on knitting. And while photo tutorials can be helpful for short sets of instructions, videos are a more logical medium for skills that need a little more explanation. So Deslyn, I began posting videos on YouTube so I could embed them on my blog. I uploaded my first knitting video to YouTube in 2015 and a lot has changed on the platform in the last 9 years. It has altered the purpose of both my YouTube channel and my website.

It's important to me that knitters have free access to high-quality instruction. That's why I continue publishing videos on YouTube.

I also want to provide a neatly organized, distraction-free learning environment where knitters can always have the instruction they need handy and where I can be available for personal support if necessary. That's why I've invested in the creation of my membership-based website that is completely independent of any social media platforms.

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