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Attaching a New Yarn without Yarn Tails

A variation of the Russian join.
A variation of the Russian join.

Like most knitters, I don’t enjoy weaving in yarn tails. Whenever possible, I try to take care of them as I go, so there’s nothing to weave in later.

Right now I’m knitting one of my Cubicle Socks. This pattern uses three colors of yarn which are basically worked as stripes. I’m going to carry all the colors up the inside of the sock to minimize the number of tails to be woven in and I’ll demonstrate that technique in another video.

But, as I start knitting the foot, I have to attach the new colors of yarn somehow. So today, I’ll be demonstrating how to use a variation of the Russian join to do just that. You’ll need a blunt yarn needle and your new color of yarn.

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