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Cable Cast On in the Round

Two things to do differently when using the cable cast on in the round.

After demonstrating how to use the skacel by addi FlexiFlip knitting needles, several knitters asked me to show them how to cast on with these needles. People were especially interested in a cast on that doesn't require holding the yarn in a "slingshot" position.

The cable cast on works well for socks. It creates a fairly stretchy edge and is smooth and pretty.

There are two things I do differently when performing the cable cast on in the round, no matter what style of knitting needles I am using. First, even though this is technically not a long-tail type cast on, I cast on my stitches with the yarn tail instead of the working yarn. Second, instead of twisting my cast on stitches when transferring them to the left needle, I prefer to slip them over purlwise. I explain why both modifications are important in the tutorial video.

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