How to Use Your DPN Tips to Track Rounds

Marking your needle tips.
Marking your needle tips.

Quite often, when you are knitting socks, or other objects in the round, increases or decreases are made every other round. Yes, you can use a row counter to help remember where you are in the pattern. However, if you are working on DPNs, you can also use your DPN tips to track rounds.

This little tracking trick works when you are knitting in the round on either a set of straight DPNs or flexible ones.

Lesson Notes

  • Introduction - 0:00
  • How to track rounds - 0:48
  • Final Notes - 4:26

Pattern: Riptide Socks
Yarn: HiKoo CoBaSi
Needles: skacel by addi FlexiFlips bamboo and FlipStix
Notions: permanent marker

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