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Kitchener Stitch

Grafting two rows of live stockinette stitches together.

I didn't learn how to do the Kitchener stitch until I began to knit socks. It's a handy little technique that's commonly used to close the toe of a sock. The basic idea of the Kitchener stitch is that you use your yarn tail and a yarn or tapestry needle to seamlessly join/graft two rows of live stitches together. The join blends un-noticeably into knitting that is done in Stockinette stitch.

If you just need a quick review:

  1. Remember to divide your stitches evenly on two needles and place them parallel to each other.
  2. Thread your yarn tail onto a yarn/tapestry needle.
  3. Work across the stitches from right to left.

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