Lifted Purl Increases

How to do a right and left lifted purl increase.
How to do a right and left lifted purl increase.

Most often in knitting, increases are performed on the knit side of the fabric. However, there are times when a pattern calls for an increase to be made on the purl side. That's when knowing how to created a lifted purl increase comes in handy.

When making lifted increases it is very helpful to think of the columns of stitches as generations. The row/round you are creating are the children, the row/round you are working your new stitches into are the parents and the row/round below that are the grandparents. Lifted increases are worked into the grandparents.

Lesson Notes

  • Introduction - 0:00
  • Lifted Right Purl Increase - 0:48
  • Lifted Left Purl Increase - 2:33
  • Final Notes - 4:00

Pattern: Cereus Sweater
Yarn: Ewe So Sporty by Ewe Ewe Yarns
Needles: skacel by addi Click Rocket Short Interchangeable Needles

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