Line Drawing Socks KAL | 4 Week Series

Knit a pair of socks in 4 weeks.
Knit a pair of socks in 4 weeks.

The Line Drawing Socks KAL may be over, but the pattern and instructional resources are still available for your knitting pleasure. Knit it on your own or gather with a group of friends to encourage and support each other as you work.

Pattern: Line Drawing Socks
Featured Yarn: Zitron Art Deco
Featured Needles: skacel by addi Bamboo FlexiFlips

Line Drawing Socks KAL Lessons

KAL Introduction

Week 1: The Leg

  • Introduction - 0:00
  • Recommended Cast-Ons for Top Down Socks
  • Long Tail Cast On in the Round
  • Knitting in the Round on addi FlexiFlips
  • Thoughts About Sock Knitting and My Design Process
  • Happening Next Week/Share Your Progress

Week 2: The Foot

  • Introduction
  • Afterthought Heels - The Whats and Whys
  • Afterthought Heel Set-Up
  • Making Adjustments to Sock Length
  • Altering the Sock Length When Your Gauge Matches the Pattern Gauge
  • Important Calculations if Your Gauge Does NOT Match the Pattern Gauge
  • Happening Next Week

Week 3: The Toe

  • Introduction
  • SKP and KSP Decreases
  • Finishing the Toe
  • Happening Next Week

Week 4: The Heel

  • Introduction
  • Removing the Waste Yarn
  • Inserting Needles Through the Heel Stitches
  • Joining the New Yarn
  • The Set-Up Round
  • Shaping the Heel
  • Closing the Gap
  • A Few Final Words

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