Ornamental Daisy Stitch

Making a bouquet of decorative daisies.
Making a bouquet of decorative daisies.

For many years I avoided using ornamental stitches, like the Daisy Stitch, in my knitting because they looked too complicated. Then, I reminded myself that knitting is just two sticks and a piece of string. It's nothing to stress out about. So make a big bouquet of daisies in your next project.

When making the Daisy Stitch, it can be very helpful to have a small crochet hook handy to help you pull up the daisy petals while stitching.

Lesson Notes

Pattern: Caretaker Socks
Yarn: Oink Pigments Disco
Needles: skacel by addi FlexiFlip Needles
Notions: Susan Bates Silvalume Handi Tool

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