Pinhole Cast On for Flat Knitting

Starting a shawl with a pinhole cast on.
Starting a shawl with a pinhole cast on.

The pinhole cast (aka the circular cast on,  invisible circular cast on, or disappearing cast on) is most often  used to cast on a few stitches, 12 or less, when you'll be knitting a project in the round and gradually increasing how many stitches are on your needles. I often use a pinhole cast on when I am knitting toe up socks, and it also works nicely for hats that are knit from the top down.

However, the pinhole cast on can also be used when you're casting on a small number of stitches and working flat back and forth in rows like you would for a triangular shawl like my Duck Pond Shawl.

Lesson Notes


  • Introduction
  • About the pinhole cast on
  • Uses for the pinhole cast on
  • Starting a shawl with the pinhole cast on
  • Casting on an odd number of sts
  • Casting on an even number of sts

Patterns: Duck Pond Shawl, Founders Day Socks
Yarn: Treasure Goddess Yarn Treasured Yak Toes Sock Yarn
Needles: skacel by addi Click Bamboo

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