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Preventing Gusset Gaps for Top-Down Socks

Two locking stitch markers can help you eliminate pesky gaps at the top of a gusset.

One of the things I love about knitting is there are always new tips, tricks and skills to learn. My friend Lois once shared what could possibly be the easiest way to prevent gusset gaps at our monthly sock knitting group at Grandma's Spinning Wheel.

If you have ever knit a pair of flap and gusset style socks, you know that it's really easy to get a little gap or hole at the top corner of the gussets. Some people darn the gaps shut after the socks are complete. Some people pick up an extra stitch at the corners to prevent gaps. I was stunned to learn that there is an even easier way to prevent gusset gaps and all you need is two locking stitch markers.

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