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Prolonged Sitting and Knitting: Reversing the Effects

6 exercises to counteract the tightness that happens when you're in a seated position.

Article and photos by Diane Ghilardi - NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, FAI Functional Aging Specialist, CETI Cancer Exercise Specialist, Certified in Training the Older Adult, TRX, Urban Poling Instructor, Balance and Fall Prevention

Do you notice after a session of knitting, reading, or watching television that you are stiff when you get up, and perhaps even need to walk a bit in order to straighten up? Some of you who follow me on Instagram @CablesandColors know that my day job is a Corrective Exercise and Functional Aging Specialist. I’m sharing some tips to counteract the sitting sessions that I know many people experience.

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