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Studio Snapshots | Drying, Caking and Blossoming

Studio Snapshots | Drying, Caking and Blossoming

A behind the scenes peek at what's happening in our knitting and weaving studio.

PVC Mini Sock Drying Rack

This, my friends, is how I get picture-perfect hand knit socks before the official photo-shoot. Rather than laying them flat to dry, which makes creases down the center of the front of the leg and foot, I dry them on a rack, hanging so they're folded at the ankle with the heels pointing up. There will be slight creases on the sides that will disappear when the socks are on my feet.

Since I didn't feel like lugging out my big drying rack for one pair of socks, I made this little cutie with some leftover bits of PVC.

And I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER dry my socks on sock blockers. Socks should have a little negative ease, so they're snug on your foot, not all stretched out.

The Smell of Silk

It's kind of warm in the studio this afternoon and I can really smell the silk in the yarn I'm caking up. So yummy!

First Iris Bloom of the Year

A friend gave me some iris bulbs last summer. I plopped them in the ground and kind of forgot about them until this month when they started to bloom.

Not Fiber or Fluff

Anyone who works with yarn and fiber knows that it's not unusual to find a bit of fluff or string on the floor. That's what I was expecting when I bent over to pick up this little bit. Surprise! It was a dead spider, not fluff. 😝

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