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Studio Snapshots | Spring, Strings and Sewing Things

Studio Snapshots | Spring, Strings and Sewing Things

A behind the scenes peek at what's happening in our knitting and weaving studio.

In the garden

Sunny daffodils

I know that winter is finally coming to a close when the daffodils begin to pop up in my flower beds. That sunny yellow always cheers me up, even on the grayest days.

On the loom (again)

Loose Warp Thread

I cut 16 rag rugs off the loom, hemmed their ends and gave them a final wash before they go to their new homes. Unfortunately, one had an irreparable floating warp thread at the selvedge. Since craftsmanship matters, I unwove then re-wove the rug.

Happy, squishy mail

HiKoo Madrona from Makers' Mercantile

I received the yarn for two upcoming patterns related to my Polarity Hat. What do you think about both top-down and toe up Polarity Socks? (Share your thoughts in the comments below.)

In my sewing box

Presser Feet

After giving my sewing machine a good cleaning and oiling, I discovered these bits in my sewing box. Clearly some of them are presser feet. If you know what they're used for, please let me know in the comments below.

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Makers' Mercantile
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