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Two at a Time Sleeve Knitting Tips

Knitting both sweater sleeves at the same time ensures they are the same size.

After I knit my first set of sweater sleeves two at a time, I was hooked. Working both sleeves, at the same time, on a single set of needles, eliminates a couple common knitting problems. First, you can ensure that the shaping of your sleeves is exactly the same. Second, both sleeves are finished at the same time, so you don't get stuck on sleeve island.

It's easiest to knit two at a time sleeves on a set of long circular needles. To get started, you will need two balls of yarn, one for each sleeve.

It's also helpful to have some thin waste yarn that can be used as lifelines. This isn't just to help you if you make a mistake. Placing through your stitches every few inches also helps keeps the sleeves close to each other as you work and prevents them from flipping around on your needles.

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