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WIP | Bucket List Brioche

WIP | Bucket List Brioche

No matter how long you've been knitting, there's always a skill or technique to learn or improve upon. The skill I'm diving into this summer is brioche.

Brioche is colorwork technique (although it can also be knit with a single color) that creates an extra-squishy, reversible fabric. Yes, it looks cool, but to my utilitarian sensibility it has always seemed like more of a novelty than something I would use frequently or incorporate into my own design work. But sometimes you just have to give new things a chance.

Since knitting is my job, I rarely have time to knit patterns by other designers. When I do, I'm pretty choosy because I want to enjoy my knitting and not constantly be editing the pattern for errors. So, I chose to dive into brioche with the new-ish Whale Conga Line pattern by Michele Lee Bernstein (@pdxknitterati on Instagram).

Diving into brioche

I'm only a few rows in, but so far I like what I'm seeing. I had to restart a couple times as I was figuring out how to manipulate the brioche part. And I admit, it may have been smarter to use yarns with more contrast on a first project to improve the "readability" of my brioche stitches. However, I chose muted blues and greens I think I'll actually wear.

Now it's time for me to ease into summer break with a new project, a new skill and some time away from my computer. Wish me luck!

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