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Yes, You Can Read a Stitch Chart!

A quick, confidence-boosting chart reading activity.
A quick, confidence-boosting chart reading activity.

As I’ve been knitting my Founders Day Socks, I’ve been thinking about how knitters react when we encounter a new-to-us skill. Some knitters recognize that learning and improving is just an ongoing part of the creative process. Other knitters set roadblocks and unnecessarily convince themselves that they “can’t” do a certain skill because they think it’s too complicated.

Reading a stitch chart is the skill I most frequently hear knitters say they “can’t” do. And if the first stitch chart you encounter is something large and involved, it’s understandable that you may feel intimidated and overwhelmed.

In today’s tutorial I’m not going to explain the ins-and-outs of how to read every single knitting stitch chart. Instead, this lesson is meant to be a confidence builder. I’ll tell you a different way to think about what the symbols on a knitting chart really represent, then we’ll do a quick activity that hopefully convinces you that “Yes, you CAN read a stitch chart!”.

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