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Highlights + Happenings | February 2024

Highlights + Happenings | February 2024

The Chilly Dog fetched your links to this month's featured knitting pattern, membership perks, tutorials and more.

Pattern of the Month

Ewe + Me Socks

This wooly knit sock pattern is a tribute to our fiber friend, the sheep! The socks are worked from the toe up so the happy ewe face can be duplicate stitched on with minimal fuss. The body of the sheep had a lightly textured appearance to imitate its wooly fleece. The socks have a contrasting shadow wrapped short row heel.

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This pattern was designed in collaboration with our friends from Ewe Ewe Yarns and they created a selection of Ewe + Me Socks Yarn Kits so you can knit your sock flock in a variety of traditional or whimsical colors.

New + Noteworthy


Is a gauge swatch included in the yarn requirements?
The short answer is yes... and no.
Why I’m a mostly monogamous knitter
Overcoming knitting project overwhelm


Japanese Short Rows: The Catch Method
Same results as the pinned version but with less fuss.
Yarn Over Twice
Creating 2 yarn overs does not create 2 eyelets.
Figure 8 Cast On
A double-sided CO that works well for toe-up socks and more.
5 Tips for Embellishing with Duplicate Stitch
Decorating plain, knit stockinette stitch with an embroidery-like technique.


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A Note from Ellen

You probably already know that most of the knitting patterns in our shop have supplemental video tutorials that can be viewed on YouTube. However, if you are a paid member of the pack (with either a Basic or Plus level membership) you can watch all of those videos on our website without the ads and social media nonsense.

Simply type the pattern name into our website's search tool to find the lessons associated with your pattern. Then relax and enjoy the view!

Save the Date

Our next in-studio study group will be on Saturday, March 2, 2024.

2024 Sock Study Group
Monthly In-Studio Knitting Group: Learn to knit socks and expand your sock knitting skills

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