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Taking a Cue From Nature

It's the end of the trail for those unfinished projects.

Cooler weather means most of the leaves have fallen from the trees here in north Alabama and it's a great time to take a cue from nature. Just like the trees have shed their leaves, fall is a great time to shed those unfinished projects so you can devote your winter resources to something more meaningful.

For projects that are almost finished... seam the seams, weave in the tails, block and be done! For projects that are no longer appealing... give yourself permission to drop them off your needles (if you can salvage the yarn, learn How to Reuse Frogged Yarn and by all means, rip it out).

This is also a great time of year to nourish yourself with a digital cleanse. Unsubscribe from the e-newsletters that languish in your inbox. Unfollow the social accounts that no longer provide the information or inspiration that first attracted you to them. Just like the seasons change, your interests change.

Give yourself a chance to rest, replenish and make room in your life for the creativity ahead!

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