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Highlights + Happenings | September 2023

The Chilly Dog fetched your links to this month's featured knitting pattern, membership perks, tutorials, classes and more.

The Chilly Dog fetched your links to this month's featured knitting pattern, membership perks, tutorials, classes and more.

New Pattern

Swaying Palms Shawl

This warm weather, cotton-blend shawl pattern is perfect for travel knitting or travel wearing. The asymmetric, three sided design features a sawtooth edge and delicate picot bind off. Knit with two yarn colors, the three easily memorizable stitch elements in the pattern combine stockinette stitch, simple lace and contrasting garter ridges in a way that will motivate you to knit just one more row.

Use code sway for $1 off the pattern through September 30, 2023.

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Things just keeps getting better!

  • The videos on our website have begun migrating to a new server. While we're at it, our ad-free lessons are being re-edited with improved captioning. You can expect faster-loading videos and a more enjoyable learning experience.
  • Just like the free stuff on YouTube? The migration will have no effect on our YouTube Channel.

New + Noteworthy


3 Tips for Successfully Following a Knitting Pattern
Laughing about the lies knitters tell themselves and others.
Just Keep Grafting
5 tips for maintaining your tension across a long graft.

Learning Library

Bowknot Stitch
An ornamental stitch also known as the crab stitch or spider stitch.
Fake Grafting
Joining cast on and/or bound off edges instead of grafting live stitches.
Old Norwegian Cast On
Also known as the German Twisted CO, this is a stretchier kind of long tail cast on.
Pinhole Cast On
Also known as a circular cast on, disappearing circular cast on or invisible circular cast on.
Purl Front Back (PFB)
Increase by purling around the front leg and then the back leg of a loop.
Which Way Should I Slip a Stitch in my Knitting?
Guidelines for slipping knitwise and purlwise.

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We still have a couple spaces available for our next in-studio class.

Introduction to Wet Felting | September 16, 2023
Studio Class: Make a decorative, wet-felted bowl with wool.

Question of the Month

I'm getting ready to plan my 2024 designs. I have a few new-to-me yarns I'd like to try and ideas for projects and tutorials I think you'll enjoy, but this is your chance to be a trendsetter. Let me know exactly what you want to knit and learn.

What types of knitting projects and lessons would you like to see on The Chilly Dog next year?

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