Chasing Butterflies KAL: Edging

Mastering the wrap and turn short row edging.

The Magic of Blocking

Textiles magically transform into something new as soon as they hit the water and dry.

Chasing Butterflies KAL: Swatch Blocking

Blocking opens up your stitches and doesn't have to be a chore.

Chasing Butterflies KAL

Knitting Begins September 1, 2022.

It's All Right MKAL: Week 4

Finishing with i-cord bind off.

It's All Right MKAL: Week 3

Using duplicate stitch to weave in the yarn tail.

It's All Right MKAL: Week 2

Using a spit join to attach a new yarn minimizes the number of ends to be woven in later.

It's All Right MKAL: Week 1

Getting started with the Turkish or wrapped version of the Möbius cast on.

Solacer Wrap MKAL: Joining New Yarn

Attaching the next cake of yarn.

Solacer Wrap MKAL: Stitch Tutorial

Demonstration of the four special stitches used in this project.