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KAL Lesson Series

Knit along with our featured patterns.
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Butterfly Kisses KAL | 7 Lesson Series

Learn to knit an earwarmer and layering mitts set.
Pack+ Members

Chasing Butterflies KAL | 2 Lessons + 4 Articles

Enjoy an adventure in lace as you chase butterflies across a stunning field of gradient colors.
Pack+ Members

Double Feature Socks KAL | 5 Lesson Series

We've rolled out the red carpet for you and it's time to begin the Double Feature Socks KAL.
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It's All Right MKAL | 4 Lesson Series

Learn how to knit a Möbius.
Pack+ Members

Knit Inc Sampler Squares | 7 Lesson Series

16 ways to increase stitches in your knitting.
Pack+ Members

Line Drawing Socks KAL | 4 Lesson Series

Learn to knit a simple pair of top-down socks with an afterthought heel.
Pack+ Members

Solacer Wrap MKAL

A calming, 30-day stitch meditation.
Pack+ Members

Whale Done Socks KAL | 4 Lesson Series

Learn how to knit toe-up socks with a shadow wrapped short row heel and a simple lace design.