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Highlights + Happenings | April 2024

Highlights + Happenings | April 2024

The Chilly Dog fetched your links to this month's featured knitting pattern, membership perks, tutorials and more.

Pattern of the Month

Wallflower Sweater

This summery, V-neck, seamless yoke sweater has lacy raglan short-sleeve shaping, and flattering darts to enhance the form fitting shape. The pattern features a decorative floral panel down the front, and a column of pretty pollinators down each sleeve.

+Plus Level Members can download this pattern for free through May 7, 2024.

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New + Noteworthy


I always get gauge ;)
Sorry, I don’t believe knitters who say this.
Ask Anything | Why did you start making videos on YouTube?
I keep forgetting things I already know, such as a particular cast on. Is there any way to keep the directions handy?
Studio Snapshots | Spring, Strings and Sewing Things
Knitting, weaving and slow living projects and inspirations.
The Truth About Left-Handed Knitting
Lefty or righty, handedness doesn’t matter!


Chain-Garter Selvedge
A decorative way to work the side edging of a knit fabric that will not be seamed.
Tacking Instead of Grafting or Joining a Knit Fabric
An alternative to a stitch-by-stitch hem.
The Importance of Swatching your Knits
Swatching involves more than knitting a square with a certain size needles to get a specific gauge.
Open Bar or Open Make 1 Increase
A decorative increase that can also be used if you forgot a yarn over in the previous row or round.


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Save the Date

Local Alabama Friends - Our next in-person Sock Knit + Study Group will be on Saturday, May 11, from 10-2.

Kylmä Koira

Hooray! We'll be unrolling a new batch of colorful, upcycled, handwoven rugs soon and adding them to the shop in early May.

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