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Highlights + Happenings | August 2023

Highlights + Happenings | August 2023

The Chilly Dog fetched your links to this month's featured knitting pattern, membership perks, tutorials, classes and more.


Chasing Butterflies Shawl

Chasing Butterflies is a gorgeous one-cake shawl that celebrates the joy of lace. With its easy-to-remember repeats, enjoy the adventure as this lightweight project flutters across your needles.

Use code flutter for $1 off the pattern through August 31, 2023.

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New + Noteworthy

Industry Interview | Treasure Goddess Yarn
Meet Christine and learn about her saturated, hand-dyed, luxury yarns.
Stretch, Shape and Sculpt
Two approaches to blocking the same knit lace shawl.
Unwind | Duck Pond Socks
10 minutes of knitting in the backyard and listening to the rain.
Knitting Charts at a Glance
3 quick tips to help make stitch charts more readable.
Partial Spit Join
Minimizing the number of yarn tails for narrow, knit stripes.
Center Double Decrease
The center double decrease is commonly abbreviated CDD, s2kp or s2kp2.
Modified Shadow Wrapped Short Row Heel
Less prone to holes at the corners and (maybe) a little easier to knit.
Helical Knitting Two Color Stripes
Preventing jogs when knitting alternating color stripes in the round.
Smocked Ribbing
Adding extra dimension and interest to plain ribbing.
Chasing Butterflies KAL | 2 Lessons + 4 Articles
Enjoy an adventure in lace as you chase butterflies across a stunning field of gradient colors.

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Question of the Month

Last month I had the opportunity to visit my friends at Stitch Yarn Studio in Covington, Kentucky. Of course there was plenty of beautiful yarn, but the diverse community and thoughtful, caring conversations about creativity (and life) give the place an extra special energy.

Do you enjoy knitting (crocheting, spinning, weaving...) in a group setting and why or why not?

Leave a note in the Pack Member Chat or see what other knitters are saying.

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