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Highlights + Happenings | October 2023

The Chilly Dog fetched your links to this month's featured knitting patterns, membership perks, tutorials, classes and more.

The Chilly Dog fetched your links to this month's featured knitting patterns, membership perks, tutorials and more.

4 Sock-tober Pattern Recommendations

I want to learn how to knit socks two at a time

+Plus Level Members download this pattern for free through 11/6/23.

Get the Double Feature Socks pattern

I like to play with color

Get the Cubicle Socks Trio pattern

I'm ready for cozy, cool weather

Get the Best Worsted Socks pattern

Cables make me happy

Get the Spindler Socks pattern

Mark your calendar

+Plus Level Members

Stitch Counsel | October 20, 2023
This month meet Megan from Billy and Baa.

New + Noteworthy


Break or Cut?
Why knitting patterns recommend breaking instead of cutting your yarn.
How to Reuse Frogged Yarn
How to save yarn that’s been ripped out of a disappointing knit or crochet project.
Unwind | Swaying Palms Shawl
10 minutes of knitting on the patio and listening to the rain.

Learning Library

Möbius Cast On | Photo Tutorial
Similar to a provisional cast on, the Möbius cast on has an extra dimensional twist.
3 Tips for Tight Knitters
Hints to help your stitches loosen up.
Binding Off Stitches at the Beginning of a Row
How to count as you bind off and how many stitches are left.
How to Use Your DPN Tips to Track Rounds
Marking your needle tips.
Picot Bind Off
A decorative finish that can be customized with different picot lengths and spacing.
Preventing Underarm Gaps for Top-Down Sweaters
Picking up and knitting the first round of sleeve stitches.
Vertical Intarsia Color Change
The special, gap-closing twist used when knitting blocks of color with separate bobbins or balls of yarn.

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A Note from Ellen

Online or in-person yarn store in Covington, KY

I'm visiting my friends at Stitch Yarn Studio this weekend (October 12-14) for their 2nd annual "Plan Your Presents" event. If you're in the Cincinnati area I hope you'll stop by and say hi. In addition to knitting I have pictures and a really amazing "family heir loom" story to share with you. (Read this article from Handwoven magazine if you want a hint about the back story.)

And fingers crossed I can enjoy some good, fall leaf peeping on my drive through Tennessee and Kentucky.

See you soon!

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