Essential Skills

3 Reasons to Knit a Gauge Swatch

Swatching is a critical first step for most knitting projects.

3 Ways to Weave in Loose Ends

There's no single "right" way to weave yarn tails into every knitting project.

Chain-Garter Selvedge

A decorative way to work stitches at the sides of a knit fabric that will not be seamed.

Fake Grafting to Join Knit Pieces

Joining bound of edges instead of grafting live stitches.

How to Insert a Lifeline

If you make a mistake in your knitting, it's easy to rip back to a lifeline.

How to Knit an I-Cord

Knitting a narrow tube or rope around 3, 4 or 5 stitches.

How to Reuse Frogged Yarn

How to save yarn that's been ripped out of a disappointing knit or crochet project.

Mending Your Knits with Duplicate Stitch

Fixing a thin spot on the heel of a sock.

Prolonged Sitting and Knitting: Reversing the Effects

6 exercises to counteract the tightness that happens when you're in a seated position.

Summer School 2021: Week 3

Measuring Up: How our stitches and fabric measure up.