Graft/Join Pieces

3 Needle Bind Off

Join two pieces of fabric together as you bind off stitches.

Grafting on the Purl Side

The Finchley graft is a term used to indicate grafting with the WS of stockinette facing out.

Kitchener Stitch

Grafting two rows of live stockinette stitches together.

Kitchener Stitch on the Purl Side

Grafting on the wrong side of stockinette.

Seaming Knits with Mattress Stitch

A neat way to join the side selvedges together.

Stitch by Stitch Hem

A folded-over edge, creates a very tidy and flexible finishing touch.

Tacking Instead of Grafting or Joining a Knit Fabric

An alternative to a stitch-by-stitch hem.

The Unforgettable Kitchener Stitch

Taking a different look at your knitting means you'll never forget how to Kitchener stitch again.