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Highlights + Happenings | July 2023

Highlights + Happenings | July 2023

The Chilly Dog fetched your links to this month's featured knitting patterns, membership perks, tutorials, classes and more.


Duck Pond Socks

These toe-up socks were inspired by the Muscovy ducks who waddle around the Treasure Goddess Yarn studio. Duck prints walk their way down the socks. Contrasting garter ridges add a pop of color and texture.

Use code justducky for $1 off through July 15, 2023.

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Classes + Events


Sock U-knit-versity | Summer 2023
Summer Sock Knitting with Stitch Yarn Studio and The Chilly Dog
It’s Knot OK!
Using duplicate stitch before a yarn knot creates a hole in your fabric.
Knit Inc Sampler Squares | 7 Lesson Series
16 ways to increase stitches in your knitting.
Knit Inc Sampler Squares: Make 1 Left and Make 1 Right
The make 1 left (M1L) and make 1 right (M1R) are the most common ways to increase a stitch in knitting.
Knit Inc Sampler Squares: Lifted Increases
Increase with a Lifted Increase Left (LIL) and Lifted Increase Right (LIR).
Knit Inc Sampler Squares: Median Increase
Median Increase Left (MIL) and Median Increase Right (MIR) are also known as knit 1 below increases
Knit Inc Sampler Squares: Yarn Over(YO) and Open Make 1
Two ways to increase stitches with lacy eyelets.
Knit Inc Sampler Squares: Closed Yarn Over
Closed yarn over increases are comparable to Make 1 Left and Make 1 Right.
Knit Inc Sampler Squares: Knit Front Back and Knit Purl
Increase by working 2 stitches into a single stitch.
Knit Inc Sampler Squares: 4 Double Increases
Double lifted increase, (k1, yo, k1) next st, knit front back front (kfbf), (k1, p1, k1) next st.

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