Bind Off

3 Needle Bind Off

Join two pieces of fabric together as you bind off stitches.

Alternating Suspended Bind Off

The alternating suspended bind off adds stretch to a ribbed edge.

Back Stitch Bind Off

A simple, moderately stretchy, sewn bind off.

Elastic Bind Off

A slightly stretchier version of the lace bind off with just a little flare.

Icelandic Bind Off

Creating a flexible, almost cord-like finished edge.

Interlock Bind Off for 1x1 Ribbing

A sewn bind off with a stretchy, non-flaring edge.

Inverted Stem Stitch Bind Off

Creating a flexible edge with a cousin to the back stitch bind off.

Invisible Ribbed Bind Off

Creating a flexible edge for 1x1 ribbing so stitches flow continuously from one side of the fabric to the other.

Lace Bind Off

A stretchier bind off with a little flare.

Stem Stitch Bind Off

How to do both the left and right slanting stem stitch bind off.