Knitting in the Round

5 Tips for Casting On in the Round

Making sure your stitches aren't twisted and more.

Carrying Two Colors for Knit Stripes in the Round

Minimizing the number of yarn tails to be woven in later.

Helical Knitting Two Color Stripes

Preventing jogs when knitting alternating color stripes in the round.

How to Knit an I-Cord

Knitting a narrow tube or rope around 3, 4 or 5 stitches.

How to Use Your DPN Tips to Track Rounds

Marking your needle tips.

Jogless Alternating Two Round Stripes

Neatening up stripes with helical knitting.

Just Say No to the YO

Preventing extra stitches at the needle change of small circumference projects.

Minimize Yarn Tails When Knitting Stripes in the Round

Instead of cutting/joining between each stripe, yarns are twisted and carried up the inside.

Product Demonstration: addi FlexiFlip Needles

Knitting on flexible, double pointed needles.

Small Circumference Knitting: Purling the First Stitch

Staying untangled when you purl after a needle change.