Cast On

5 Tips for Casting On in the Round

Making sure your stitches aren't twisted and more.

Alternating Long Tail Cast On for Ribbing

Casting on both knits and purls.

Cable Cast On in the Round

Two things to do differently when using the cable cast on in the round.

Cable Cast On Two Ways

Create either a dimensional edge or a flatter, more subtle edge.

Chained Cast On

If you are a crocheter, this method will be easy to pick up.

Channel Island Cast On

A decorative, flexible long tail type cast on.

Disappearing Circular Cast On

A pinhole style cast on for knitting in the round.

Double Lifted Increase

Decoratively adding two stitches.

Emily Ocker's Circular Cast On

Using a crochet hook and magic ring.

Invisible Circular Cast On

A cross between a provisional cast on and a crochet magic ring.